Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Still May

        Hello fellow and unfortunate readers!   As I sit here on a rare day off work--guzzling coffee and thinking about all of the chores and such I really should be doing, I am also trying to take a guess at what the weather will bring to us today.  Yesterday was thankfully, mostly cloudy --so we did not see the intense heat kick in.  Which was nice because we spent much of the day roaming around Tucson---my wife and I together.   Today it is just barely ten in the morning, and it is looking like it is going to be a hot one.  Stupid desert.  ;)  I have been talking/typing  way to much about local fires in the last few months.  Although the results are can easily be devastating and the first local one here, took out a lot of land---they are a way of life.  Beautiful Bisbee just reported a fire a few nights ago.  And everyone panicked.  Those in the path of it  and everyone in the state ---or that had ever been there  because it is a beyond beautiful and magical town.   Most of the town is surrounded by trees, so this could have been a town ending fire.  But luckily things were quickly contained.  I believe a few --very few houses were hurt and no lives were hurt or lost.   I saw pictures of pink houses and material items, from the airplane drops--but residents were more than thankful to have pink dusted items and homes, over losing there cherished homes.   Two thoughts on this----   I will have my last two journeys to Bisbee posted on my Arizona Exploring page   very soon.   Full of pictures of course.  And the other day I snuck near the Mexico boarder, to get after pictures were the Sawmill fire hit last month.   Both will be posted very soon!   As time allows.   I am finally getting new pictures and Exploring in, but not having time to post any of them.   

   Near the Sawmill Fire as it was still burning, I got some kool shots to share still --but could not get any were close to the fire.

Bisbee B over the coffee shop!

**"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it!"**

      I used to sell vacuum cleaners and never knew as a sales pitch if I should say they sucked a lot or did not suck. Boss simply said I should stop using the work "suck" to make a sale :-) more deep thoughts and quotes in every blog post o mine

  I firmly believe if you are in a car already backing out of a parking spot, your tail lights in, in backward motion, and someone walks just behind your moving car, you should be able to bump the idiot with your car. Pedestrians have the right away but not the right to b stupid. Seems to happen a ton at Wally World.----Natural selection I believe it is called.   On that note   what ever happened to The Darwin Awards....?

**" I'd become a vegetarian if bacon grew on trees!"**---Homer Simpson

   **"My psychic wasn't very good, she actually thought I was going to pay her."**

Server training on mother's day Sunday morning. Good thing I like a challenge 😎
   As in I was training someone to be a server.  What an awful day to train--because it was nuts and supper busy  but whatever.  

**"If I have offended you with my posts, I humbly apologize. I honestly did not think you could read."**----Please notify me to tell me what exactly offended you.  I will than think about fixing the situation after I stop laughing.   

   So while I was slacking on posting on this very blog page--Mothers Day has passed.  I did not take the above picture, but it was on the news out of Phoenix  just before Mothers Day   this truck full of flowers and such for the holiday burned up on the side of the road.   

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