Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st 2017

      Because of my schedule and not having a regular work week, most servers wish to work weeksends and such like this  I am never actually sure what day of the week it is.  This can be challenging at work, when we have soups of the day.  Especially working in a casino -were many of the customers are on permanent vacation and not sure what day of the week it is either---or maybe even for sure what city or state they are in.  But that is a different story for a different day.  I do know for sure that today marks the 1st of June, some how.  Didn't 2017 just start?   What the duce!??  Some day I will always know what day of the week it is, when asked  or when I ask myself.  This will probably happen on the same day that I click my heels together and become a real server---but NOT today!  I am a firm believer of faking it till I make it!  ;)  Mostly as a server, but in any social or life situation that can be greatly faked with out leading to an extreme death.  June here in the desert, yes my dumb ass still lives in the desert.  I also seem to be going for, live here till I enjoy it...    June marks the start of the really hot temperatures here in the Land Of The Sweating sun as I lovingly call the valley.  Or loathingly call it, you pick.  Luckily for us all  June usually also marks the start of the amazing monsoon season.  Were even God decides it is to hot in the desert and sends down cooling rain almost every day!  Too cool off the residents, including The Devil, that few people may know, owns a summer home near Phoenix, to cool off at.  But enough about the extreme heat--I chose to live here and besides as all the local locos say, it's a dry heat----just as long as the clouds don't keep producing dry rain!   

   O wait, I do know what day of the week it is----today is Thursday!   Usually my Monday at work, but not this week, I wanted Monday--the actual Monday off, and snuck into work yesterday.  Thursday is also pay day, every other week.  Although as a server - our checks are kind of a joke they are so low, and every day is pay day because of tips.  Especially Thursdays, for the most part.  Thursdays tend to stay VERY busy and the tips help us rejoice.  

    Beings I just had my daze off work, I felt the need to BBQ and such the last few daze.  I did not venture far from home, I get enough driving in on my long commute to work every day.  But did snap some kool pictures around the homestead.  My beautiful wife and I snuck to Dave &Busters again last night for a minute---but games are half price on Wed, and it was to packed.   I will share on here on my NEXT post.  I also plan to sneak away and get some new Exploring pictures very soon.   With updates to my Exploring Arizona page, galore   Please check it out    at: 

      And a snow picture for those of us already a little tired of the heat here in the valley.  
This ---one fine day while up Exploring MT Lemon.  

      **Those that forget history are destined to repeat it. And there is a lot of even recent history I could easily live without witnessing again. I urge all of you to read the novel 1984 actually read it, not fake it like you did in high school----   Referring to tearing down statues back in the south of confederate heroes and such in the last few months.  When the hell will Americans say "Enough!" and take a stand to take this amazing country back?   

     **"As soon as dogs figure out there are bones under all our skins, all hell is going to break lose."**

                                             **"Screw you, I'm hilarious!"**

                        **"Walk in my shoes for a mile and you end up at the coffee pot"**

                                   **"Give that person a 🍺 !"**
Morning y'all. Have a great extended weekend. I'll mostly be at work

**" Always be nice to people that have access to your toothbrush!"**

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