Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Babysitting Blues

        I wont talk about the heat today --except to say it was hot   again.  ;)  I know I know   Welcome to the desert!   As my buddy would yell at me, if he had not just moved back to the desert.  It is kind of like complaining about the cold when you live some were like Wyoming--except for that one week in the summer   when it is super   super hot!   And yes I have lived there also   thanks for asking.   Grew up there in fact.   Woooooo for me   I used to be able to yell   Welcome to Wyoming, when people complained about the cold in winter.  Today has definitely been a day.  A day off work even.  I did manage to get a few things done today, but mostly started projects and than vowed to pick them back up again when it cooled down outside.  I didn't   or it still has not really cooled down, you pick.  Last I was trying to clean up my trailer/office/dog house.   The part of the trailer I had much of my stuff stored in  tends to leak during the monsoon rains so I have almost everything in the middle of my trailer.  Yes it's in the trailer  but its hard to get around once you are also inside the trailer.  Tomorrow is back to my Monday at work and a very different day----for sure.  I will type more about all this fun in another post.   But will leave this paragraph with, I would not know what the heck to do with a "regular" work week.  

The days are getting longer. And so are the shadows. Somewhere on The AZ trail one fine day   


Too soon??

And here's a tip.  

Apparently if a boss tells you you can't do something! Replying loudly "But I just DID do that!" Is not correct 😁
            --- I don't know how to people   but I do do what I want!   Like just now I typed do do   twice.   Just sayin'

                                                            Dam white people! 

       So I found this online earlier today   and it is from the casino I work at   --the poster was complaining about day care for the kids or something equally as stupid.  Although this casino is less strict than any in Vegas  I can assure you the kids did not sit here long at all.  Whom evers kids they were.  It is an amusing picture though for sure.  We get lectured because our kiddos can play quarters with the best of them, we don't hide it when we are playing with friends   but they obviously drink milk shots or something similar.  I maybe do too!   Anyways, when I worked at Wally World the toy isles and bike department were the free day care of shoppers  of choice.   And people took full advantage of it.  Sometimes leaving the store, it seemed   they were so hard to find adults when needed.  I can't even count  how many kids I kicked off bikes, zooming around the store.  Ever wonder why assembled bikes come with mostly flat tires?   This is supposed to be a deterrent from riding them in the stores.   Supposed  to   is the key words.  

Our sons a few years ago
to Kool for school!

I don't really agree with the confederate flag but now that the government says I shouldn't fly one, and they wish to take it off of The General Lee----- I want to post the flag all over my Facebook page and my house. I am also not against gay marriage, but I don't want to see rainbow flags all over my FB page either---it makes my feed look like a Dam Skittle factory exploded. Talking crap and name calling against anti gay supporters is exactly what the lesbian supporters are against with their beliefs. Just because some weenie whiners are against a flag---makes even more reason to post it for me. If my neighbor told me daily how much he hated the Broncos, I would buy a huge Bronco flag and fly it high every day in my yard. WAKE UP sheeple---while we are worrying about this overly trivial crap---huge laws and changes are happening and no one is even noticing.-----I wrote this about a year ago, but it is still mostly what I feel now re reading it.    Thoughts??

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