Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shower Beer Cheers!

                              Very recent picture of mine.   What a view!   And it just got 
          betterer the higher up the trail I went.   Exploring blog post to come.  

       Hello and welcome to another posting-- that just sitting here typing is making me sweat!  ;)  Surprise it's another hot one here in the desert!  With predictions of 115 by the end of the week.  It is 100 right now this early afternoon.  And frankly-once it hits 100 outside it really does not matter much after that point, it is just F in hot.  Time to start playing a favorite game of mine---called pool bustin'     Were you see the fanciest pool in the town you live in our are visiting that you can use without getting caught and thrown out.  This changes into less a competition and more a just getting into a pool the hotter outside it gets.   I know several pool, some very fancy in greater Tucson that are easy to gain access to, and was going to do a whole post about this in my Exploring Arizona blog page, but this is an art, and I really don't wish the motel owners to know how easy there pools are to "bust."  I am going to soon post on that very page -and than this one   about the crummiest most nasty motels in Tucson.  And there seems to be a lot of them.  It seems that after a motel here has been open for a few years, there are NO inspections at all.  I have lived in areas were a few motels were known to be an issue, but not some were where SO many were beyond gross.  This data/knowledge spreads from several date nights with my wife ---several were we asked for our money back and stayed somewhere else far away.  And the time period her and I were mostly separated, just before I got into my ghetto apartment.  I bounced from motel to motel for a lil bit   using my tip $ to pay.    Problem is Tucson is a good hour drive from here, in the hot hot sun.   We reside closer to the motels in Benson   still some pools to bust, but also a much smaller community and with kiddos, harder to bust.    This fun all started when my buddy still lived in Vegas, and he would report on how fancy of a pool he could sneak into near or on the strip.   It is now very hard to sneak into any pool there   so extra points and Kudos to any of you readers who accomplish a good pool bust in Vegas!   Extra points are also given' if you bust into a pool in the off season, when the water temperature is cold enough to make your balls go inside your body.  

And cookies!!

    Another fun game my wife and I used to play when we took the public bus system all the time, involves your phones camera.   We would snap pictures of the most screwed up and unique individuals we would see.  The game comes in not having the person know you are taking there picture.   All privacy laws are void anyway on the city bus  or Greyhound bus anyway right?   Sometimes it was better for your safety if the other person did not know you were taking there picture.  Several times I had to get off the bus in a hurry long before my stop, because someone recognized that I was taking there picture---- when I forgot to turn the sound off on my phone, or yelled--"smile for the picture!"   Anyways at the end of our bus commute --at home or on the bus ride home    we would compare pictures and see whom got the shot of the day!  My wife usually won, with a shot of me, towards the end of the day, sick of the bus, beating my head on the window--droolin   just a lil bit and yelling "My helmet won't let me lick the windows!"   I kid, but the bus really was never my strong point.  

    A great "game" that I enjoy   mostly in the summer ----good thing it's always summer weather here!   Is a good shower beer!   You simply enjoy a good beer while in the shower.   Before you get all uppity and snotty and bash this, you need to try it.  Now my wife does not like beer    but enjoys a good coffee or Pepsi while in the bath.   Gratifying  I am sure   but not as good.  I am not going to knock it   yet, because I have not yet tried a bath beverage.   Because a shower beer is hard to explain, but amazing!   Plus --and you have to used beer bottles for this, it keeps refilling itself the longer you are in the shower.  About the only negatives in this mainly win    Win situation is getting soap in your beer---you are taking a shower.  And the possibility of dropping the bottle and breaking it in your shower.  But heck if you cut yourself on the broken glass, you are already in the shower ---and can wash the blood right off!   I personally never play this game with more than two beers.   You are in the shower not at your local bar!   Beyond the obvious bonus of beer in your shower!   It is amazingly calming and stress relieving.   As I said, don't knock this until you have tried it.  I heard about this while riding the city bus one day years ago actually, and than just had to try it, four hours later after getting off the Dam bus.   And the calming effect made me forget that I was even on the city bus earlier that very day.  I even poured a little out of my beer bottle onto the shower floor in memory of the patrons that were still riding around on the bus that day  just trying to get errands done or get home and enjoy there own shower beer.  


       Again I wish to thank each and every one of you that visits this page on a regular bases   and there are a lot of you!   This blog page has been going for years and the page views just keep growing.   Which is amazing!   Thank you!    My Exploring Arizona blog page just keeps getting more popular also-----     And I have been working on updates and pictures galore for that page also      In fact today was supposed to supply more pictures and Exploring, but bed felt to good, and than it was to hot to move.   I hope to get at least one post up on this blog page still today.    Please check it out   and share the links if you enjoy!   

         **"I changed all my security lights around my house to strobe lights, I find trespassers are easier to shoot when they are running in slow motion!"**

     **  Fun  fact for all of you out there with cell phones that start up to your fingerprint: If you happen to get pulled over and the officer wishes to view anything on YOUR cell phone, if it is locked with a password, it is protected under your rights. If it is locked with your fingerprints---you have ZERO rights to your security. Ill ignore all the conspiracy thoughts to having your fingerprint on file and that accessible in the first place.  **

    I was recently asked we're the start of most evil and corruption first started. I believe it was Bentonville Arkansas the birthplace of Wally World. Should I go on? 😱


     If you stutter/slur/ mess up pronouncing our last name, you might be a telemarketer. Three attempts to say Adams leads to an ear full ----     I have had this before   although years ago.    But just the other day some telemarketer called my wife's phone and could not say our last name.   Really?   She started laughing and asked what the last name was again.   I than took over the phone and used my yelling voice.   



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