Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6th ----How??

            As I welcomed my buddy back to desert living, I was telling him that just down the road it was supposed to be 109 outside, As I was joking about all this fun minus the fun, I recalled it was still 100 that day here, and it is not even summer yet.  O the fun!   He is moving back to his last residence in Utah, though I am still not sure why.  It is not right down the road, but also a short drive away to start some actual road trips-if I ever wrangle any actual daze off work.  I keep threatening to take multiple daze off work and find a real job while on my mini vacations from work, and they keep threatening to help me look for a new job.  ;) I do actually plan to leave on a very mini road trip tomorrow morning, before it gets to darn hot.  No real plan just need some open road and to see how road worthy our temp car really is.  The car is a stick shift and pretty fun on the highway  but hardly a good time in Tucson traffic.    Especially with no stereo.  I experiecne road rage just walking through Wally World stores, so with out music or some type of back ground noise I tend to really want to yell at well everyone.  I am happy to report that I have not killed or stalled out the engine once while driving this car.  Although it has been a long minute since I have drove a stick last.  The anti- theft device of the this day and age.  ;)   My first car was a stick shift  and a little POS white car we had a few years back, that I got the joy of driving through rush hour traffic, around San Diego in.  Our youngest won tickets to Lego Land and we thought we had a rental car for the trip.  We even had the printed out conformation of what car we were going to rent.  And than when we got to the airport/rental station and they looked at our credit, after they stopped laughing ---denied the rental.  So we drove our old tiny car all the way down--and the car made the whole trip  some how.  To die later here in greater Tucson.  This of course was before we found out about Enterprise ----they do not check credit ---except at the airport, which they still don't if you fly into any major airport.  And there customer service and deals are amazing!   Now give me a free rental car for the weeksend!   

  This very blog page has been going on for years now. And the views to the page just keep growing.  So thank you all for that!   My Exploring Arizona blog page is also always gaining more and more readers.   Please take a look through that page and share the links if you enjoy! 


Way to many mornings this is my routine.  

  I have so many stories and such to share on this page, because I have been slacking on posting.  But when I sit down --even early in the morning and start sweating while just typing I tend to forget what I wished to type about.   It is kind of like visiting Wally World with a whole mental list of items you wish to buy, you get in the store under those creepy neon lights, that give you a headache and depression quickly if you work there, and forgot your whole Dam list.  Walking out with just whip cream and chips and a tube of pit juice.   What I call deodorant.  None of these items you actually needed ---which you soon recall after getting out of the neon lights, and when you get home and your wife glares at your purchases.   Another trip to the evil store.

   Speaking of driving--our oldest just got his learners permit.   Dang I'm old.   Notice I only say I here.   Eventually this car I was above complaining about driving in town, will become his.

We can only wish

  Those of you driving to work that are addicted to your phones. The cops are setting up traps all across greater Tucson solely to catch you driving and on your phone. Right now it's just a warning ticket. Law went into effect today. Just sayin'---I may or may not be typing this warning while driving.  Knees on the wheel texting away.  I kid!  I believe this is a good law-although I might have texted a few times while on the road.  I might be typing this whole blog post while driving...   I think it is a good law, because this can actually hurt or kill someone else.  Although I am not sure how much the government should be able to tell me I can or can't do.   I really really appose the seat belt laws because after I'm 18 years old, I don't think the government should force me to wear a seat belt.  My dumb move, my consequences.  Even flying out the front window I do not believe I could kill someone else upon hitting them.  I wear my seat belts, mainly because I have a family.  But I have also stared at those plain white shirts for sale, with the single wide black line across them that looks like a seat belt.  Before I had a family I have also argued in court about my seat belt ticket.  In Oregon state the passenger also gets a ticket, when not wearing a seat belt and the driver gets a larger fine for not making his  passenger wear one.  On this particular offence, the ticketing officer was a motorcycle cop.  You do not get extra creative points knocked off your fine for asking the cycle cop were his seat belt is.  Anyways my buddy and I went to court in the backwoods of Oregon, and argued that we should not be forced to wear a seat belt.  The judge did lower our fines, because we agreed to go to traffic school---but than also stated that our fine payed for when the highway patrol had to scrap our bodies off the pavement a direct result of being to stubborn to wear seat belts apparently.  

          **I am SO sick of hearing how it's not really all that hot because Arizona has a dry heat. In fact if I hear it one more time, I think I am going to give that pperson a dry punch. It makes as much sense. Once it is over 100 outside like today, it is just F'in hot ---no dry, wet, sloppy, or cold heat needs to be involved.**

**"I've been told I can be a bit condescending.       For those of you that are stupid, that means I talk down to people."**

  So a few daze back was National Donut day.  And without knowing it, my wife came home with a whole box of donuts that very morning.  Anyways, to help celebrate online I posted that I would give out free Hurtz  Don't-It's to anyone that asked!  No one took me off on the offer.  Luckily ---because later I found that there was a local donut shop with a similar name.  

       I have posted this before   but feel the need to post it again today.  Yes I have used I'm sorry before--a lot in my marriage, because well hell we have been together a long time, and I really don't know what else to say most of the time.   Soon I want to add on about how no one is to blame for anything anymore and every one is a victim   using the "comedians" press conference/publicity stunt after she held up a bloody severed Trump head for a photo shoot---as my current example of this.   She  with her lawyer tried to tell everyone she was the victim.  Was she the victim before or after the photo shoot?  And if you need a lawyer to help explain your joke, you may not be as funny as you think you are, or YOU are the joke.   More on this          The re post below  was a one of my past widely popular, in my own head *Mini Rants*

     I'm sorry, your sorry that I'm not sorry!     Thanks for playing!         

   **"I'm sorry" two of the most useless words in the human language. Suppose it sounds good & makes one feel good, but is completely useless to the other person."**---Cliff notes from Professor Getty

   I had to recently give a condensed version of all of this to someone.  OK didn't have to, but those of you that know me well know that it's hard to tick me off, but when it happens, it's not purdy.  People around me have learned that speeches are fine tuned and not fun for the receivers.  In this, I will be gentle.  
    Last week I talked about no one taking responsibility for their own actions.  Hand in hand with that, everyone seems to be sorry.  About what they did, what they didn't do, who they did. Example: I forgot to drive you to your new job today, and than you got fired, and robed while waiting in the rain---and for that I am sorry.  That's great that they are sorry, but it doesn't help in any way.  The words sound good.  But are over used.   People are sorry about anything.   When you ask them what their sorry is going to do for you, they have no clue  they are just sorry.   Words mean things, last I checked.  
    One time we spent a week, not getting phone service hooked up.  Luckily it took so long, that we found a new/better service in town and called, wait got a hold of them.  And had phone service in two days.  Another week of hassles with the other company to try and cancel the services and get our deposit back.   Several times the operators hung up on us.   One was when we asked how with three children, we were supposed to call 911 if something bloody happened.  They soon replied that we should call 911.  And we kept wondering how loud we would have to yell down the street to accomplish this with no phone service.   Wondering into a dial tone, because the operator had once again hung up on us.  Before that she kept saying how sorry she was.   Sorry acting?   Sorry that she had picked up the call from us?   More than likely, she had her own problems.  Maybe she was at that moment on hold with her Internet provider.  That was sorry she had received no Internet for three months, but was still sending out a pay or disconnect notice.  
    Everyone is sorry.   But they are not always sure why.  And they don't know how to remedy what they did.  Comcast keeps running commercials about how great service they give.  To make up for how crappy their service really is.   Before that they ran ads saying how sorry they were that they overcharged hundreds of customers.  Recall that fun?   They sent out checks to tons of customers because they had been skimming off them for years.   Were they sorry that they stole.  Or sorry that they got caught by some dam watch dog organization?  
   With the addition of computers and call centers, a whole new annoyances is emerging.  After verifying you live in America and yes do know English.   You have to push a series of buttons to continue talking to the machine.   All of the real operators are sorry they lost their jobs.  Eventually the computer tells you it is sorry for your incovience, prompts you to call back during the hour long business hours each  day, or visit their new call center in South Ball Africa, and than promptly hangs up.   Call centers are about as much fun, except you are not really sure if the person said they were sorry, or that they liked tacos!
    After childhood, saying your sorry is far from cute.   The "puppy dog' eyes just aren't as effective when the person looking at you is 89.   If you need to join the masses, and use those two words.   Please have a remedy to attempt to fix what you have done.   You don't have to follow through.  But having some kind of plan or way of making it up to me, means a huge amount.  Saying I'm sorry--means nothing to me-thanks for playing!

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