Monday, June 26, 2017

Heating Up

      So I came out to my trailer to see if my computer had melted into the computer desk.  It has been in triple didgets heat wise for about a week now and things all across the state, are literally melting.  In fact after two daze in a row of about 115 temps, the Phoenix airport had to delay a number of flights.  Melting tar---fun things like that.  And it is miserable.  The people that make the weather maps, even claim to be running out of bright colors to show extreme heat on there news weather boards.  I am not making any of this up, it is to Dam hot to be making up things like this.  It's almost to Dam hot to just sit here and type this today.  Those of you that live in the desert, first off   why?  And second, you understand.   It is cooler today, like only 102.  ;)   And I really am hoping to see some rain yet this afternoon.  Go outside and just stand in it!  And rejoice  if it does relent and rain on us.  On top of everything else  we don't have A/C at home this summer, so I really enjoy my time at work if nothing else for the cooling air conditioning.  To make us feel better today,   it's not working,  the news keeps reporting about June 26th 1990--when Phoenix hit 122 degrees, the hottest ever recorded there or in the state I am sure.  Honestly to me  after 100, all bets are off   it is just stinkin' hot!!  And the entire state is on fire this year.   This state has had wild fire after wild fire after wild fire, and it just turned into summer.   Last I read, 15 wildfires were burning in this state.  That is crazy talk!   Huge Kudos to all the firefighters ---I know they are trained for this, but I can't imagine putting on a ton of gear and walking through fire in this heat.   Y'all are amazing!   

   Until the heat simmers down a good bit, I will not be doing much Exploring.  Beyond the cooling frozen food isles at Wally World.  And maybe pretend to be betterer friends with more people with air conditioning.  But we have lots of pictures and past Exploring to share in my Arizona blog page!   Please check it out while you wait for new updates.  And share the links if you enjoy!! 

      **Gas station sign says they need 1 and 5 $ bills. I said I'm a server how many you want?? They stopped my at 100 bucks .**

         **" No business should have one automatic door before there non automatic door. Just sayin'**

**"I want y'all to know: jokes about female bodily functions arn't funny,  Period!"**

     I hate when cashier's look at my money like it's fake. If I knew how to counterfeit I'd be doing crazier things than just going to Mc Donald's.

     **" Why do the lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone is going to break in and clean them?"**.

   **" Not sure if our vegetarian neighbors are having sex or trying steak for the first time!"**

   One year I told my wife I would buy her diamonds for her birthday. She said that nothing would please her more! So I bought her nothing

Free room with a view. My wife gets better perks than I -- without the working here. Lol

Both our happy puppies smiling for the camerea.

True story!

The look on this mans face   is priceless!

This one just speaks to me....

             Our newest rig.  ;)  And it is large!   So much so that it has three rows of seating and I swear if you were to yell in the back seats, it would echo around the vehicle for a good while.  I lovingly call it the Ford Grand Canyon.  We got the seller down very cheap, and were originally going to sell it for quite a bit more cash.  But my wife and I kind of like driving it.  I am writing this in green, because we are obviously doing our part to keep the Earth green and conserve gas......

Our convoy!

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