Monday, September 5, 2016

Nearing The End Of 2016 Wooooo!

                      **"Warning!   Going to sleep on Sunday  will still cause Monday."**
                                                                                                                                                                                                **"You can tell it's almost Halloween by all the Christmas product Wally World is putting on the shelves!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      **"Our great nation now breeds leaches to society."**
                                                                                 **"Farted in the bath tub last night  and about drowned trying to sniff it."**

                                                      My coffee says I have a great butt!
    ***Until I fix myself. My bank is closed my advise giving is closed etc. I am my first priority for a change. And I am a long way from being fixed. Thank you to the few of you that are by my side. The rest of you are about to become very familiar with my backside and my middle finger. Just sayin. ;)----That said if my wonderful folks are reading this, or anyone else that might need my new phone number--please contact me or comment in this pages comment section.
              Welcome to September Y'all!   As surprised as I was just a few daze ago when August started --I am even more surprised to find it now almost the 5th of a new month.  I am pretty happy that here in the desert it is finally cooling down at night time.  I can usually get by with cranking the AC when I first get home and than turning it off for the night.  My electric bill is thrilled with this too!  Soon it will be nice enough outside to take full hikes in the middle of the day, even!   Instead of getting up at 4 AM to go on a hike or jog.  Or even in an attempt to get in the car before it is to hot to touch anything inside including the steering wheel.  With out wearing the optional oven mitts --perfect for any desert driving. 
            I just returned from a night time walk to the local market because I did not have any wake up juice---  coffee grounds in my home.  I might have mentioned before on this very page, how much I love coffee!   In fact in the heat of the summer I find myself waking up to want coffee--so much so that I crank the AC while I drink my coffee.   Strange or brilliant ?  You can decide while I guzzle coffee.  I also needed some coffee filters it seems.  I have tried almost every other form of paper in the house when out of coffee filters---from paper towels to rolled up newspaper, and nothing works to brew coffee somehow.  Everything else seems to digenergate and if you even get a pot of coffee it becomes very chunky from all the grounds that do not filter correctly.   I like almost any kind of coffee  but chunky coffee is not even close to my favorite type.  You would think making a filter would be simple  but no!   
          OK I am just rambling here, true.  But random rambling is a big part of what I do and a big part of this very blog page.   So is coffee!   Both must be a big part of your lifes, because this page continues to stay very well read  through it all.   But this rambling is keeping from talking about my heartbreak---no matter how deep it may be and how much of my "life" it has consumed right now.   But lucky you  this is the most I will bring that up right now.   In this late hour.  Sadly the thing I am looking forward to most at the hour turning to midnight soon, is that I can check my new memories on Facebook.   Ahhhh such an evil time consuming sight for sure.    For those of you not familiar this sight has a memories option, that shows many of your posts from that very day --every year you have been on Facebook.   And it resets at midnight.   Many people stay away from this option because it tends to galmortize or remind of bad things of the past.  Past-now dead pets, ex's, bad memories.  Things that could be turned into a sad love song.  I tend to enjoy checking out the memories.  Although I am not sure why.  Maybe because many of my posts are so Dam funny.  Although strangely enough I have noticed right around now, many of my posts are similar---sad and sappy ever in a great to quickly bad relationship.   
Especially late at night

This time or year or any  I believe that ONLY pumpkin pie and maybe pumpkins should taste like pumpkins.   Nothing else  ESPECIALLY NOT coffee   But what do I know. 

A couple of work thoughts.
I work at an amazing place.  I also mostly work for tips.  The pay check is very low because I make tips.  Not that I would wish to give up my pay check.  But I often open it up and start laughing out loud.  An extra bonus of working in a casino  you get tips in bills, change--wich I love to save up, and poker chips.  I mentioned last month about a contest is food sales last month.   It turns out I won the contest --not a real surprise but to the dismay of one of our managers.  The one that bet against me  once again.  There was almost a $700 difference in sales between myself and number two.  The manager that bet against me said we were having another contest very soon---one that I would be disqualified from----   I yelled back at him   that even not included, I would win the contest.  ;)
                                                                                                                                                                                Picture of mine  while roaming in the middle of Nevada one fine day. 

So this is an old picture.  Obviously not old enough it is in black in white, although my buddy to the lefts baby pictures may very well be in black and white.  We were still living in Kingman Arizona--so at least 7 years ago.   My buddy came down to visit  and on the above day we were getting ready to head to Vegas.   My first trip to the town.  We lived so close   I soon had many trips to sin city.  My wife was more than a little annoyed that my first trip there was with my buddy and not her.   But in all fairness I had known him longer  and  now still talk to him.  He had flew into town  and ended up with a mini van as a rental car some how.  So we went to Vegas and cruised the strip in a mini van!   Saying that   I am still not sure why my wife was worried about us misbehaving on this trip.     Heck yeah.   

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