Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cucumbers & Coffee!

                **"The difference between being hungry and being horny may lie in where you stick the cucumber."**

         Hello all this afternoon!   I will do a rarity here and apologize, somewhat for the above quote.  It really has nothing to do with this post at all.   But I have been slacking on putting quotes on this page lately.  If I find something entertaining---I post it.  I am talking about the quote being entertaining ---not necessarily the cucumber.  ;)    Anyways, another tropical storm is nearing Arizona and I woke up to another rarity in the desert---cloudy skies!   Something we praise in the Land of the Sweating Sun!   I do anyway.  The entire area is under flood watches over the next few daze.  And I could not be happier, even with a new cucumber.  Not because floods are a good thing, -although here they wash up all the idiots -kind of putting them selves in the car pool lane when they realize that water hole is way deeper than it looked only minutes ago.   But because I like rain--- and the desert needs more rain and maybe more cucumbers.   Hopefully before I finish this post I can report that it is dumping rain here.  

       I really have no plan for today's post---even less than normally.  Yes sometimes I actually do have a plan for this page.  Today is more about the calming actions writing on here deal me.  And keeping writing.  In loosing myself over the years as an individual person I have stopped a lot of activities I hold dear.   Writing, reading, etc.  Yeah there is a lot of reading -each morning while I guzzle coffee and scan the Facebook pages.  But that is more like reading a Dam soap opera.  
                                                                                             I will take the time here  to push my local Exploring blog page.   Filled with my pictures and my Exploring.    Check it!   And please share the links that you enjoy.    
         I had planned on posting a short addition to the above page last night, but work saved me from my boredom and my thoughts and I was called in last night.   One of the bosses even came to pick me up for work.  Making another six day work week for me.   Not bad for being a part timer, at least on the books.   ;)  So this put me on the books once again celebrating Labor Day at labor.  I might have said no--but who says no to holiday pay?   And it turned into a very busy night--- so tip filled of course.  So maybe the new post tonight   if y'all are lucky.   As I keep saying, I am actually closer to getting into a new vehicle---and my Exploring will be up much more.   If nothing else I really need a long mind clearing road trip and some long hikes in the desert.  Maybe a rain filled desert!   
                                                      Again this year!
True story!
Guns lives matter....

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