Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All Star Approved For Great Servers

        **"Constantly telling others how great you are-- might mean you aren't all that. Let your actions show your greatness and strengths."**-----This applies in a lot of areas.  But most commonly, for me as a server.  I have played server at many a restaurant, for many years.  But my skillz or lack of them is something I would never brag about.  Some how being a server at almost 40 years old is not part of my bucket list.  Although I would never pass up the tips, my experience might very well increase if I say so myself.   When any server brags about how good a server they are around me, three things happen.  I instantly go into a mode where I prove them wrong-daily.   I end up in the office.   I usually end up proving them wrong.  I think only one time---the said server really was great---but twelve years at the same restaurant, kind of insures that.  They were a great server--- but a sh*tty human being.   In the end this proved wrong also, because with all the tips, and perks, and benefits of working there so long, they still found the need to steal from the company and finally got caught.   This applies to many statements that are repeatedly repeated---   I am a nice person, no really.  I am super rich---etc.   Usually if someone has to repeat something many times, for others benefits--- it might not be truth truth.     Just sayin'
                                                                                                     **" I am very afraid of speed bumps, but I am slowly getting over it!"**

   **"You would be amazed how many times I am wrong when someone asks "Guess what!?"**

   **"I just poured Super Glue into a non-stick pan.  Somebody is about to be wrong."**

Every Friday I used to have a section on here -- mini rants.   Where I would take something that had happened in the week--- and vent about it.   I was hoping to go to posting these as videos---because it is more fun to vent "in person."  I have strayed from this---not that you can't look up my past rants on this very page.  I hope to bring this "feature" back to the page.  Along with actual funny jokes.  We will see if I succeed on Friday, or if I even manage to post of Friday.  ;)
                                                                                                                                                                          It is supposed to settle in and rain all day today!   Great news in my eyes.  Any time in the desert one does not have to run the air conditioner -even in the winter, is a plus.  Although still with no vehicle it makes getting to work -non dripping-- a challenge.  My part of town stays mostly above water.  But much of Tucson soon breaks out there canoes.  And I am already picturing many views of flooding and stranded possibly ignorant motorists in road lakes of water on tonight's news cast.  Making me wish I had a vehicle even more.   NOT to get it stuck in water--although that might be an option --- but to snap pictures of my own of all of you fools.  ;)   Maybe by the time the next tropical storm comes through the area, I will have a car again!                                                                                                                                                                                                     
O! Time to post about coffee again. 

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