Monday, May 2, 2016

Still Rambling

                                                               Benson, Arizona

      Not sure why fake cactus are so popular in the desert-but this is neat.  

       Hello to everyone this coffee filled afternoon!  I have been working late to update all of my sites.  Mainly because I have rare daze off work--I am not yet mobile, and I can not seem to sign into my class web sights to study.  Several new picture filled posts went up last night on my local Exploring Arizona page.   Check it:  and tell me what you think and where we should Explore next!   Also we have some amazing items---many old and or hard to find, and many brand new--never opened----all of these are going up for sale in the near future.  Let me know what you are looking for----we might very well have it, or can find it quick at a very reasonable  price.   

    I wrote the following some time last year---but just came across it last night, and enjoyed what it said   I believe I wrote this right after I vented about people using the word "sorry" WAY to much!  I used to have a regular Friday feature on here--called  mini rants  were I went off on what was really urking me that week.  And wanted to start posting them in video form--but I have not had---have not posted as many rants lately  that is.  ----so here for your enjoyment or hate again-----

    Today's mini rant deals with no one over the age of 14 taking blame for anything. Someone else is to blame for any ill. Watching all of those factory smoke stacks smoke, made me start smoking. Burger King made the coffee to hot, so I have 3rd degree burns. The Grease Pit doesn't print how unhealthy their food is for anyone eating it, so I ate a ton of everything, super sized and they made me fat. The bad job market made me steal. Some things are beyond any ones control. Illnesses you are born with for example. One can either blame everyone around them for years, like the Indians and African Americans still do. Accept or live each day to the fullest and try and spread joy.
    I realize I have a nice beer gut starting to grow. It is more noticeable with the accompanying A cup mainly bresticles. I also realize that my eating and or drinking are the reason for this. And although at the time I chose to live with the gut, and ill fitting shirts, I know how to fix the problem. Theirs this new concept called exercise I have been slacking on lately. And a little less hand-- to mouth motions might make my manly keg tummy shrink down to a cute mini party keg.
    This all started several months back. I was talking to a friend about BP. *Note--he is big boned. He is addicted to lifting weights all the time, but addicted to eating more, so when he invites people to view the gun show **His muscle filled arms** they ask for their money back--because no one wants to see a cap gun show! Anyways, our argument went from BP to fat people. I work in a restaurant, and he soon blamed restaurant workers as the number one contributor to people being fat. Really? I do not recall force feeding any of my customers. It might have had something to do with a constant hand to mouth action repeatably repeated. And maybe the pitchfork and shovel combo used at the dinner table. I went on a cuss filled rant and the friend un-freinded me on Facebook. That showed me! But I started to realize most of my friends do this. They are not to blame for anything.
    And the more you look around--society in general blames others for everything. If I screw up at work, I start laughing-and man up to the wrong doing. I don't instantly start pointing fingers or blaming the next co worker to walk into the room. Ever notice how many warnings even the simplest product has printed on it? That jar of toothpicks has 22 warnings. Its because last year that electric toothbrush Susy Q stuffed down her pants stuffed down her pants--quickly damaged, attacked, and violated her. When she could stand up again she called a shifty lawyer and collected 20.20 million dollars and a Hymen repair kit. All of the toothbrushes were recalled from the market and now come with two pages of warnings. Complete
    with one page explaining which holes to keep the brush out of.
    In Oregon state--if someone drinks to much at your bar and than wraps his now convertible around a telephone pole. He can come and take you to court, for serving him to much booze. It is not his fault in the least for asking or consuming the booze. More people need to grow up and take responsibility. Get over yourself, don that dunce hat. If your a big un, you ate to much. If you dump coffee in your crotch--you walk funny for awhile and buy a coffee cup with a good lid. Its not my fault or the manufacturers, that you have a negative IQ thanks for playing!

True story!

The day I got my badge/gaming licence at work 
Two years ago!!

   As I am about to hit the two year mark at my current amazing job---some how--I would also like to repost this list of jobs past.  Each really was a means to this great job.   This post is also a great filler for this blog post.  :)

Someone just told me I had a lot of jobs----- So I tried to put them all down. Think I might have missed some.
List starts about 1997 When I was a senior in High school or right abouts than.
Maybe next I will try to list allllll my moves--- good god lol
* Lawn Jobs --Big Horn, Wyoming 3 years
* B Horn School Maintance half a summer * Got Fired*
* Perkins- host, server, bus boy-- 3 years Sheridan, Wyoming * Got awsome raise/walked*
* Jb's -Server 6 months or so Sheridan, Wyoming * Moved to Oregon*
* Pizza Hut -Server 6 months -- Eugene, Oregon * Quit on good terms*
* Lawn Ranger--Self employed lawn jobs Eugene, Oregon *Equipment got stolen*
* Denny's -Host 9 months Gleenwood, Oregon *Quit on good terms*
* Small new resturant -- Server- 4 days! Springfiled, Oregon *forgot to show up 5th day*
* Wall Mart-- Cashier, sales floor, dept manager 8 long years-- Eugene, OR- Springfield, OR- Bellingham, WA-- Flagstaff, AZ-- Queen Creek, AZ *Quit before got fired*
* Flying J-- Server 7 months Kingman, AZ
* Carls Jr Cashier 3 days!! Kingman, AZ
* Home Depot Stock shelves 4 months Kingman, AZ
*Iron Skillet--- Server 2 months Kingman, AZ
* E Bay-Craigs list sales Kingman, AZ
* Everbodys supermarket Gopher 3 months Aberdean, WA *Fired for cashing a pay check!*
* IHOP dish/host 4 months Bellingham, WA
* Childcare/sales Blaine, WA
* Lawn Care---self employed Bellingham, WA
* Trident--- Fish gutting Sesonal Bellingham, WA
* Jb's Server Sheridan, Wyoming to Feb 2012
* Pilot Truck Stop/Subway  Ferndale, WA  4 days!
* The Silver Reef Casino!!---11 months  moved to AZ
*Casino Del Sol

A few months ago my sister and her husband came to town.
I only knew they were in town because of a Facebook post from downtown Tuscon showing them here!  To which I replied that I lived in Tucson.
We had big plans of meeting up, but work was packed
and they just came to work--and let me be there server.  Sorry for them.
Where we snapped this shot.
Maybe next trip we can hang out and take a hike

Sunset in Saint David last week.

I have been busy Exploring and getting more pictures for many more posts.
This will happen more and get easier as soon as I have a vehicle to call my own and that runs again of course.  
That said, we move on to  my Exploring picture of the day!

On a hot spring or summer day I enjoy nothing more than finding an endless 
set of tracks and Exploring.  
I have many such similar pictures.
This one I snapped yesterday near the airport in Tucson.
An Exploring and picture filled blog post coming right away about that. 

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