Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day

                                                       Where are you Exploring today?

           Happy May Day to all of you in reader land!   I hope that your Sunday is full of coffee and sunshine-and that if you feel you must join in any property destruction on may day-to some how prove how bad big coperations really are, that you are first holding a get out of jail card in your wallet.  I can not believe it is already May!  In a few more daze I will have had my current job for two years now---wow!  More about this amazing work place very soon, but in many ways, this is easily the best job I have ever had.  And I have had a long list of jobs for sure.  And when it is busy--much of the time, the tips are amazing.  :)   I alone did $1500 in food sales last night---that is crazy talk right there!  Even though for the most part my job is easy--maybe I just have been doing this long enough, I make it look easy, but it defiantly is not rocket science.  That said, any time your food sales are over a thousand, your body is feeling it by the end of the shift.  You basically have no time for anything petty like --a quick break, eating, sneaking off to pee, etc.  But it is all worth it, when you see the happy faces of all of those stuffed customers---wait, no!  Many of them can not be made happy no matter what, and are the reason your stress level is dangerously high.  It is all worth it when you take off the apron, and knee pads, and sit down to count allllll your tip $.  

True story   unless you intend to rob my house.

         I have had this very page for years now---and now have over 700 posts on it   some how.  Most surprising to me, is that people --other than me still read this page!  A page I wish 1,000's more people would find and read is my local --new-ish Exploring Arizona blog page.   Many updates, pictures, features, and posts are on the way soon!  But it is still full of pictures and past Exploring posts just waiting for you to discover them and share them!   Please check it out at

I am working on all kinds of new pictures to show case.
This is not a new picture, but I like it. 

On the same note--next weeksend, I am going to break down and go to a car dealer, and 
come back with a new to us car.  Do not really want to, 
but we have spent to much on vehicles past that already do not run, and I am tired of walking. 

**"Life's a garden    Dig it!!"**
Both from Joe Dirt
I love this movie!
And was very happy to find there is now a 2nd movie----although 
I have not seen it yet.
I hope it even half lives up to the first.

    A happy reminder for those of you with mothers, and maybe no calendars   Mother's day is just around the corner.  Maybe the best part about May---unless you were hatched at birth.  The end of May  not that I wish time to pass any faster, also marks the beginning of the monsoon season here in the desert.   I love the monsoon season and all of it's kool cool rain.   

       I find myself very happy that it is cloudy outside today.  For several reasons--first because I slept in today, and when it is full on sunshine, if I wake up, I wake up in a full on ball of sweat.  Two because--I like to drink lots of coffee---and than move on to Pepsi some time in the afternoon--so that I will be awake enough to drink beer at night.  Joke---- But many daze already, it is only spring time, if I am not up by about 8 in the morning, it is already almost to hot for coffee---almost.  And lastly because I am about to go on an Exploring hike and get some new pictures, and since I slacked and slept all morning, it will not be to un-Godly hot out while I roam the desert.  While living in Washington state and Oregon we praised the days we actually saw sunshine.  Here a cloudy day is a great day!  

No matter how much many of us may wish to stop it, 
Monday will be hitting us all bright and early tomorrow. 
My case of the Monday's will be softened a great deal--because I do not work tomorrow.  :)
On another note--I will be drinking gallons of coffee!
In case you have not yet gotten the memo, I enjoy a great cup of coffee
Maybe a little to much. 
Almost EVERY blog post has something to do with coffee in it.  
See if you can find them all!!


New Exploring and pictures in the works

Everything and I mean Everything is sharp in the desert or wants to eat you

Just sayin'

Next Exploring blog post in the works 
all about our recent trip to a Jeff Dunaham concert in the heart of Tucson.
If I still can not get to my class studying pages later--
this will appear yet tonight for y'all to enjoy

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