Saturday, May 7, 2016


     Hello to everyone this fine and warm afternoon!  I may or may not be at the Benson MC Grease pit typing this random rambling while trying to wake up on a very rare Saturday off work.  The powers that be seem to think we should cut hours, but the business is not slowing down any at all.  Causing interesting if not frustrating situations for all!  Except maybe the powers that be.  Luckily -so far the cuts are only on paper, and it is easy-ish too still work my hours.  But I was not going to waste away this Saturday at work, and am screening my calls for sure.  Not to worry -- say the managers--the hour cuts are only supposed to last through August.  Hahahahahaha---are you kidding me, that is a long time.  I guess when you make salary--that does not seem like a long time.  Any ways, enough venting for now---for the most part I love this job, love the tips for sure!  And after just hitting two years working there, could still easily say this might very well be the best job I have ever had.  
   In my manager training classes---we just learned about how places like the MC Grease Pit make there seats highly non comfy so that customers eat there food --and git!   I have not been here long, and already fear my butt is going numb---but it is not going to stop me from getting free --well working Wi-Fi for awhile today.   I was planning on a little Exploring, but it is already a little to warm out for me to venture far from A/C and a fridge.  Phoenix already broke the 100 temperature mark this week, so we are not far behind.   And all I can type in response to that  is   *Too soon!   For more local Exploring and pictures please check out my Arizona blog page at:   


    Loads of new pictures and Exploring and posts even in the works for this page!
  Please check it out and share the links when you enjoy what you see.  

      I have a whole special mother's day post in the works----as in I have been thinking about it for a month or two now.   But fear ----like many things---it will be late, to be posted.   But I hope it is enjoyed by all two of my readers.  My number one reader just happens to be my amazing mom----and since we are far apart this special day--I hope she really enjoys it. 

    So also because of my manager training classes---they really are interesting, I just seem to be behind--again.  I also find it hard to sit for three hours during the class--although they motivate us with healthy mind motivators like candy and pop...   

    Because of my manager training classes I have recently heard about the Indigo children generation Very interesting also a huge factor in why committed /loyal workers may very soon be even harder to find. This is a hard headed set of kids who want to question all authority and change the world---hopefully in a favorable way. They also include the highest number of owned -highly successful start up companies in people under 30 ever in -any generation ---Interesting for sure

To soon??

Also goes great for this very blog page---check out the title if you have not before


And now for your---maybe my moment of Zen

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