Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Exploring--Movie Credits---Head Bleeds---& Truck Fires

      Hello to everyone this fine afternoon!  I am sitting here drinking coffee--almost wishing I had drank less coffee, almost.  Also wishing very much that I could stop coughing.  With all of the wind the last few daze my allergies have takin' over.  I am also greatly wishing that I had a vehicle of some sort again.   At least one that ran.   Mine is once again mostly a paper weight.  And I do not sit well at all.   One plus to sitting around until work--is that my house is getting clean---wait no.  That I have time to study for my classes...   Somewhat.  ;)  That I have been doing blog posts---Well there is this current drivel and I made a post in my Exploring Arizona page late last night.   

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This time around we visit the past town of Fairbank!

    We had a new one the other night for sure!  During the Easter break from work I stayed out in Saint David with my beautiful wife and kiddos.  I think the extended stay went really well, except for the last night--maybe.  It seems we fight when we know we are leaving each other.  Anyways on the second night we were cleaning up the huge front deck off the house and my wife fell backwards and some how hit her chin and head on the way down.  As usual--I was right there, and saw the whole thing like it was in slow motion, but was not able to stop or shelter her fall at all.  Blood was coming out of her head---and with all of her other medical issues, we decided it best to rush her to the hospital.  Even if the closest hospital was the Benson one.  A major defect in the local gem picks of hospitals for sure.   Long story short---she had no concussion, and needed no stitches.   Head bleeds can look much worse than they really are, and bleed a lot.  Looking like more blood, when you have recently died your hair red.  While  they were doing X rays on her chin wounds---a nurse ran into the room, and asked what vehicle I was driving.  It was soon decided that our truck was on fire in the parking lot!  By the time I got out to the parking lot---the fire was out, about ten people were gathered around the truck, and the back end was smoking.  Luckily the fire stayed in the back end of the truck and never reached the cab or the fuel tank.  Luckier still several of the nurses were past fire fighters.  I did not see any of the fire, but was told that the whole back end of the truck was engulfed in flames.   We also do not know how the heck the fire started.  We did have small wood chips in the back end, and a large bottle of oil, because the truck engine likes to use oil.   All things that would the truck go up in flames quickly--but would not start the fire.   On any note, I would like to deeply thank all the quick acting people that night. This is our only working vehicle at the moment and I am not sure our insurance covers random burn outs.  

The amazing place I work.
Almost two years working here!

Although we had a great time during the break from work
I do believe this same face was made behind my back a lot.  ;)

A huge cock for you all to enjoy!

A few daze back I was beyond bored in Saint David and 
decided to roam around the area--on foot. 
I found this amazing tree.
More pictures to come of course.  

So a little over a year ago we were all asked to take part in the filming of this kids movie. 
Our whole family became extras and Jessica was lucky enough to gain a speaking role in the flick.    It was all filmed locally  in fact I have several Exploring blog posts about the 
days that we were part of ---filming in Tombstone and Benson. 

Ending movie credits   
as extras

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