Friday, March 4, 2016


                          **"I must say it is a bad day when you argue with yourself, and loose!"**

                                                 **"Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?"**

                                                                              **"I'd give my right arm, to be a juggler!"**

              Hello pot of coffee/Hello faith full readers!  Today is a very rare Friday at work that IS my Friday at work.  Last week was rodeo week in Tucson--don't you know.  And although I did not make it to any of the actual events---many of them came to the casino I work at.  It was plum packed all week long--and full of cowboy clad customers.  Although much calmer than any rodeo week I ever worked in Sheridan Wyoming, my home town.  So much so--busy wise, that I worked seven daze in a row.  Enough to make one weak!  And it was crazy busy each one of those days.   Great for tips, hard for any type of life away from work--beyond sleeping mostly.  Because of this ignorant volunteering, after tonight I get three days off in a row.  I will get back to y'all how I feel about that.  I have a ton on my to do list--but also no working vehicle, no tax return, and have been hearing nothing from my wife --to brighten or sour more, my days.   Hopefully with enough coffee, enough sunshine, and enough stollin Wi-Fi, all of my tasks will still get accomplished.  At the current rate-- the odds of actually having all of these days off work is very low.   Today is also the last day our current main boss is in office.  She is leaving us----  and I am more than a little worried about who will be taking over.  Although this boss rarely agrees with me--she defiantly has always had my back.  I can't say that a lot of the people that applied for the position would.   But luckily with all my years working at Wally World---I learned how to always cover my own back side.   I did last there eight years---something most people are amazed of, when  I start telling stories of working there.  ;)   Speaking of that, in May I will have been at this current job for two full years---sure does not seem like it.   

                                                              Near the zoo in the park---Tucson, AZ
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                                                               Downtown Tucson Arizona

True story

Is this what they call a car pool in the big city's??

To soon?

Speaking of the above---I just watched a clip from one of the Back to The Future movies---where "Marty" jumped into the future--and Trump  the Trump was president----pretty funny and worth looking up.....

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