Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Post #700-Yo! Or No More Wooooo!??

               Hello all this fine evening!   A few quick thoughts right off the bat.  Tomorrow seems to be St Patrick's day a fine day for everyone that is Irish, and or happens to have a pickled liver.  Speaking of this, after a very long few daze of work---I may or may not already be drinking a few beers.  I can say from experience that going out on the actual holiday--can be very fun, but it is amazingly hard to find an actual green beer---Aye!  Wait was that last word Irish---pirate or Canadian??  In my drinking years past, we were not old enough to go to the bars, so made our own green beverages.  Of course they did not contain booze, because as I just said, we were not old enough to go to the bars.  Are you sure you are reading the same post that I am now typing.  ;)  A few years back I had met an interesting sap that had never had a green beer before.  It was not because he did not like it, he just did not get out much.  He had not drank it with a fox, or found a green beer under a box.  He had not drank green beer like rain, or drank it while riding on top of a long rolling train.  He probably had never heard of this DR Hows, being  a grand rhyming DR from a far away land, now dead but always known as Seuss.  Did we find green beer on this night you may ask----No we sadly never did.  Although a many find pub and bartender we did bib.   But we had a great adventure that night, meeting drunkin' think one and thing two along the way, many a lad in kilts, and by the end of the evening or walking pattern began to tilt and stray!  I will be working this fine St Patty's day---- but I wish everyone on the other side of the bar, a grand night!

     In case you did not read the above blog title-----this marks post #700!  I and this page have seen a lot of sights along the way.   And the best sight we witness is you ---the faithful reader.  You that keeps coming back---you that keeps laughing --and you that sends hate  mail, so that I can laugh and laugh, and than maybe work on making this and all of my pages betterer.    I have several pages to roam through.  This is my longest running one for sure.  Most of the pages started when I was not working full time,  and maybe had to much free time to fill.  If you scroll through my random rambling here you can find links to the best of my pages. 

      A few daze from now also marks my beautiful wife and I's  and my's  and my---- four year wedding anniversary.  Hold the applause---although the milestone that I am most proud of through it all--well two things---is how I can love her more each and every day.  Every day ---even when I start out the day ticked the F off at her, she surprise me and makes me love her more.  And shows to me that it really is mutual!  And the mere fact that after all these years ---we have now almost been together 11 years,  I am sure it seems like 22 years to her.   Through all these years, I am most amazed that she has not smothered me with a pillow in the middle of the night!    Another biggish mile stone soon coming  up-- In May I will have been at my current amazing job for two full years.  It like my marriage is a constant love/hate relationship.

     Last thought for tonight-----because if I can stay awake, I would like to also post on my local Exploring page. see last night was once again very busy at work--and I was there until about 1 AM.  Today I returned to work at about 11 and worked ten hours.  Another reason I may or may not be now drinking adult beverages.  At work I have noticed that my random yelling and rambling is ignored mostly by the morning crews.  In fact it seems to annoy them more than anything, because the randomness of loud noises wakes them up.  The night crew just ---mostly the cooks   just seems to repeat yell out what I yell out.  This can become very interesting and very empowering quickly.   We recently started yelling Woooooooo! through the store for whatever reason.  And have decided---with out the managers backing, that we need a woooo   button on the food ordering punch screens.   Since the managers are not yet as inthusticastic about this, I have leaned to type the word into my food orders, so it shows up in the kitchen, and than is yelled out.  I am already quickly realizing this is yet another of the many stories that is probably much better if you are actually there....    Anyways, a few nights back we had a large party of diners near the cook line, most of them heavily drunk.  The diners, probably not the cooks.   And another big party with lots of kids.  I can out of the back room and yelled  "wooooO!"  The cooks all repeated the order!   And than the drunk table and kids started yelling it also.  We had about a 20 minute echo through the store.  Hours of fun for sure---unless you were a manager.   Apparently a few of the older diners up front were not to impressed.  It is often that people forget they are in a casino and do not like others to have a good time, when they may or may not be losing money.   The manger on duty soon issued a phrase I am not sure I have heard from anyone besides my wife  before   "No more Wooooooo!'

      Next post I wish to vent about my crummy apartments.  Mostly because I am locked in this place for a long time because of the Dam lease.   And because it really is a crummy place.  I have to keep my real vents down low  because I really do not have another place to move. 

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