Sunday, March 13, 2016


              Hello all this very sunshine filled day!!   I am sitting here very glad it is Sunday for several reasons.  First--that I got to sleep in today, somewhat.  I get off work late at night, and have a hard time calling it sleeping in when I am up till early morning.  Next --I am off work today!   I have been bumping heads with my apartment managers, and the office is also closed today--so that is very nice.   More on that in a future blog post.  And B--last but not least ---I get to see my wife today as we go to the Jeff Dunaham show!   I have heard his shows are beyond great and can't wait.  Even though our tickets are overly crummy.  I believe we will be watching the show, from the buildings roof--through the sky light.   *Look!  There is a performer down there with puppets --on a stick!  I can just make him out------we will be saying very soon.   ;)  Either way there will be pictures soon---of course.  Maybe not good pictures but pictures---if nothing else because we went out on the town.   And probably a new Exploring blog post to pick apart....


    As always please check out my local Exploring page.  And share the link if you enjoy what you see!

    As with many mornings, coffee is keeping me awake until afternoon when I switch to Pepsi!  I probably should have slept more today---but I was to excited to sleep.  I don't get out much.  Or see my wife much, since my car decided to take a dump on me.  Plus I am off work tomorrow also, and can catch up on sleep than. Perhaps.  

Just please don't wait till the stop sign turns green.
Or the go stop light turns fully green.

Although Coors/Miller Light is kind of like flavored water
P flavored....

Mmmmmm fortune cookies and fried cat--
*it's not really chicken, 
What could be betterer??

So in Washington the above statue seems to  celebrate the sun.  
At least to me. 
Maybe because the great North West sees so little sunshine in the winter.
So much so --that they actually sell light boxes you put in your house, the simulated light gradually becomes brighter through the day --like the sun would, if you were to see it through the dark grey clouds and rain.  
This statue used to be downtown in the heart of Bellingham, Washington  but is now located in the middle of the bay on a large rock platform.
Here in the desert the statue would celebrate rain!
We see sun 385 days out of the year.  
And -at least I overly enjoy when it rain here.

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