Saturday, March 5, 2016


              Hello all!  As I sit here this afternoon--going stir crazy, happy that I am off work, but not because work distracts my mind.  I am also dripping sweat.  My apartment seems to trap heat for sure.   I am not sure what it is getting up to today, but just a few days back it was 90 here again outside.  I should have bought some box fans during the "winter" when they were still cheap and in stock. Because I worked 7 days in a row last week---I ended up with three daze off in a row right now.  Nice before burn out sets in fully, but with no vehicle right now, I am kind of just sitting around bumming instead of getting out and active.  Plus on top of it all my wife and I are not really talking at the moment--and she just ended up back in the hospital, so on top of it all I am doing maybe a little to much worrying.  

      I am using the time to catch up on my class, finally.  And on blog posts----I put a new one up on my Exploring sight late last night!    Please check it out---you know you want to.
  In the newest post our youngest----who recently turned 12 -some how, and I roam around the awesome monastery in St David, Arizona.  Of course this is another picture filled post.  

I am not sure if this is a real sign or not.  
But in my eight long years at Wally World--I have seen some things. 
Things that would make this sign seem needed and tame at the same time.  

True story!

I know I am out of shape
Why does my smart devices need to mock me??

Ok-ok I am in a shape---just not a good one. 
Round is a shape to.  

Sounds like an interesting combo.

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