Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Holy Water Does Not Make One Wholly Holy

          Hi to my regular reading really really great ready to laugh friends, peeps, and or family this early morning or late night--however you wish to call it.  I am not confused because of daylight savings time, because Arizona does not ever chance there time!  I am not sure why or what kind of Jedi mind trick was used on congress to keep this state in a perpetually never changing time zone area.  I do not know how it happened, but I really do feel that one of the best things about the state is that we do not change the time   ever.  Although all of the clocks on my electronics devices showed different times when I woke up the other morning.  Because some of them do not seem to be set for the right time zone.  It made it very confusing, because my wife was on here way up to visit me that same day, and I was not sure if she was running late or early.  We had a great 24 hour/ early anniversary celebration and went to see Jeff Dunaham the comedian.  It was amazing!  My sides still hurt from laughing so much.  We than had a great night of not doing much and than had some "fried cat" at the Oriental joint where I work.  I like to call it this, because although it is a great meal---it is more than likely not actually chicken in many an oriental joint---sorry to be a spoiler alert for you!  The meal was even betterer--because it was free!   I do not know why food, any food---almost any food tastes ten times better when it is free.  As always there are some exceptions---Like when your local Wally World has a celebration for the 22nd wedding celebrated inside that particular store, and they give out nasty cake and green hot dogs.   It is free, but not worth the side effects in heart burn, doctor visits, and hugging your toilet later on. 

Just after the show and lots of laughing!

Tucson Event Center 
Waiting for the show to start. 

        More on this of course --- More on the fun times--not the toilet hugging.  Just thought I would clarify.   ;)  in my next Exploring blog sight with some pictures I took.   Possibly more on this tonight/today---because we seemed to only get a few hours of sleep last night, if any---and I gave up and took a nap earlier.   To long of a nap it seems, and am now wide awake at 2 AM!  Whoooooo!!  As I might have mentioned before, sleep is a waste of time -thus why there is this new invention, named coffee!   I might have talked about it on this page a time or two.

Down town Tucson
Attempting to go visit the IRS building,
but that's yet another story. 

Please check out my Exploring web sight :

Yesterday it seems was Pi day
because of the date on the calender 
and because we as Americans need something neat to celebrate every Dam
day of the year ----Merica!  

I usually  hate these "keep calm" posters
BUT liked this one I borrowed--for some reason....
Liked it a lot.  

So I have to share this picture of possibly the neatest thing I have bought so far this year.
It is a knight helmet ---the top opens up and is an ice cooler.  
Don't mind the dirty dishes in my sink in the picture. ;)
I carried this all around the store, before deciding it was kool enough to spend ten dollars on!
I do have another item --actually I bought it for my beautiful wife, but I do not have a picture of it. 
She loves the claw machine games in front of retail stores and Denny's and such.  
At another thrift store--we found a miny crane machine/bank  complete with a probably working crane, and mini prizes--the top even opens so you can change out the prizes.  I say probably working because I have not had a chance to find and or put batteries in it.  
Anyways it is super kool, and I just noticed it was from Radio Shack
when Radio Shack was still kool
and let you play with all the toys   and most importantly --when the stores were still open.
It is also a picture worthy item--but it took me 2 months to get a picture takin' and on here about the helmet.  
Maybe if I am extra nice at work---and they finally allow me to wear a helmet at work---they will also allow me to wear this one.  

Above is the best free find we have found so far this year. 
Although I am very easily entertained---but I found this way more interesting than my wife seems to. 
I took a picture of this bottle and sent it to my buddy. 
For two reasons.
One --I just visited the monastery down the road here
and was more than happy no nuns or monistats, threw holy water at me.
And B:  this same buddy really wants to wrestle my mother in law for some reason. 
She is a very sturdy lady---one that could pass as a truck driver or lumber jack
we also lovingly call her The Devil.
And when I say we, I mean I call her this. 
No one else I know is dumb enough to call her this. 
One day long ago, I thought the only way to end all issues with the mother in law, was to show up at her house, and hit her with a surprise cold cock to the face----my wife started laughing when I explained this to her, and asked what I would do when the punch did not phase the mother in law, and she just stood there laughing at me, than came at me!
My buddy knows he would not win the wrestling match
And seems more than fine with this. 
But maybe just maybe  the bottle of holy water would help him some how.
Although I do not know if he should throw the water at her, on himself 
on the ground around him, or just throw the whole bottle at her, and run off.  

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