Monday, April 4, 2016


                                                               Bellingham, Washington

         Hello again!  It is just the start of spring and not even noon yet, but already to warm outside to really venture into the sun much.  Welcome to the desert --I guess!  Today is my only day off work --somewhat with my class and such --I have plenty to keep me busy.  Although getting past coffee and the annoying talk shows on TV have been my morning so far.  Yesterday I pulled an early morning shift--something that does not happen much.   

Your views show this!
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               Please also check out my picture filled Exploring Arizona page                            Next post will be all about our early anniversary night going to the Jeff Dunaham comedy show.   It was a great night -for sure.  

This is us on our honey moon in Seattle four years ago.  
There is a blog about that!
We still look that happy many daze  still today. 

Mmmmmm coffee!
My best friend for sure.

True story

True every year  but really so this year I fear

Most of the time on this page and in real life
I don't even know what I am talking about.
But I just go with it and continue to act like I know what I am doing
and or saying. 
I like to be as surprised at what I say or type in all aspects of life as you are!

I did not take this picture
but hope to take many like it while visiting family back home this summer.

It has been to long since I have been back home. 
And summer is about the only time to visit and have a very low chance of getting snowed on. 

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