Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sweating All Day Long--Welcome To Arizona!~

    **"Is it just me or is rap music getting more and more lazy---that is the police scanner."**----The Family Guy


                       **"Judging people is not my job But it is a fun hobby!!"**

            Good morning and cheers to y'all!   As I try and get used to my new work schedule.  Now working nights instead of mornings--I am also trying to get used to the extreme heat returning to the desert.  I do not call it sleeping in if I do not get to bed until three or later in the morning.  With temperatures over 100 all week long, it is almost to warm out to drink coffee --my number one life blood--by about 8 in the morning.  So when I do roll out of bed --sweating from head to toe--I have to decide if I want to warm myself up even more and enjoy a great cup of coffee or three, or go straight for lots of much cooler pop.  I am usually much to not awake for such decisions and would probably just mix a cup with half of each beverage if I did not already know it would taste extremely bad.  With the intense heat it is really hard to want to do anything at all.  Except and wait --fingers crossed that the  monsoon rains will move in and cool everyone off.  The clouds did move in yesterday afternoon.  Cooling things to a temperature just under 100.   But the rain pretty much avoided us all together.  I know -I know  as my buddy keeps, un sympathetically telling me, yelling at me---"Welcome to Arizona!"

     Speaking of coffee --the best coffee places around here are now turning  their patio misters to full blast!  I just also heard that the upcoming San Diego fair is going to feature Starbucks coffee--deep fried.  I know people in fairs deep fry everything from Twinkies to random stray dogs, but I am not even sure how one would fry a liquid.  Or what in the world this would taste like.  I really enjoy my coffee, but I am not sure this would actually taste what I would call--good!  I do know for sure that deep fried ice cream is extremely good.  But beyond hard to eat.  Last year several fairs offered deep fried sticks of butter to fair goers.  Offering something like 1300 calories per stick!  So only slightly less than that Mcsalad on the grease pit menu!  Have you had one of there salads lately?  I really do not think they are actually healthy anymore, and they might very well deep fry the lettuce before adding it to any salads.  --I am not loving it, by the way!  Although the places do offer free Mc coffee's several times a year for week long periods.   As far as the fatty sticks of butter---I will always and forever PASS on that taste test.  It seems in all fairness that any stand selling this should have a team of paramedics on sight for soon after completion of this "tasty" treat any normal heart would go into instant shock.

      I catch a lot of flack for my venting---especially on my own personal/local vent page. But done correctly---a little complaining can go a long way. First and for most it is always a stress reliever for me. And if I complain on my sights, I don't complain to my wife, as much so it's a marriage saver. Lastly something good could come out of it all. Case and point last summer I got screwed over by a local "restaurant" I worked for for three whole horrible days. Among other things more drugs came out of the kitchen than actual food. I wrote a blog about it all and plastered it all over the Internet. I contacted the local attorney general, better business bureau, labor board and health boards. I held a sign out in front of the restaurant, but just off there property line. And got a ton of support from Benson residents. In the end I got my pay, and the place is still shut down.      

They also really seem to hate surprise parties!

     **My mini rant for today** So my wife had foot surgery this morning-and I was just at Wally World trying to pick up her prescription for a pain killer narcotic. As I was waiting for the pill consultation --they gave my wife's prescription to the wrong person. They did call the lady back to the counter and I left with the right prescription. But not only was this annoying--its a big deal because the prescription was a narcotic. Plus there was no actual apology from the pharmacy--just a whoops! To complete the great trip--as I was leaving with my other purchases at 6-- only two cash registers where open. The cashier asked if I wished to donate to CMS to save a child, and I said no ,but I would donate to the find more cashier fund! A quick stop to the customer service desk-where I explained the screw up with the pills. Telling the manager that it was not only annoying but a big deal---explaining that this is Benson -and I am not a trustworthy person, if I had gotten the big bag of narcotics, I would have went right into the Wally World parking lot and sold them. wink emoticon Apparently pharmacy has there own managers--so a solution is still to be made. But I am not letting this one drop---it was a BIG screw up.-----This was a new one for me.  We have strange and or annoying things happen to us all of the time.  And everything I post really happens I am not making them up.  I frankly do not have that good of an imagination for the most part.  I believe one of my buddies only talks to me, because I have a new story about like this one a few times a week.  And it gives him a good laugh, or makes him feel much betterer about his own life.   Still no word back from Wally World --in form of  a check back, solution, or even apology  but that is really not a big surprise either. 

      Please continue to support this very page.  The views just keep growing!  And considering the posts, this always amazes me.  ;)  I can say that many of my older posts on this page--are more amusing  at least to me.  I will be working over time the next few months -to gain more and more readers on all of my sights.  Especially my local Exploring page.   Pictures and Exploring all across beautiful Arizona.    Please check it out!

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