Monday, June 22, 2015

Great Night At Tucson Speedway!

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   I failed to note in the original post that possibly the best part of the whole night was when two of the drivers got in a fist fight right on the track.   I did not include this in my first posting, because I was trying to mention how great the night was at the Speedway!   I sadly do not have any pictures, because this all happened in turn two  on the other side of the track from us.  But believe me I tried to get pictures.**

Snap a picture of yourself in the winners circle!

Even there slogan is great!

          We have known that Tucson offers a drag strip and paved speedway --out near the fairgrounds, but until two weekends ago we were unaware how great the place really is!  We live in Benson, and the town houses a lot of events, but many times they are more than a little hokey and too small town.   But our experience at the speedway was amazing!  They put on a real show--and keep things moving and active.  Even between races.  Not that there is much down time.  Food prices were very fair  -I believe the most expensive item on the menu was $8.00 for Pizza Hut, Pizza.   Pop could be refilled for a buck--and the programs had coupons for free beverages.  And the programs make great places for the drivers to autograph.  Bring a pen along, many of the drivers loose there pins before the end of the greet.   Entrance tickets are also a great deal!   We had bought a family pass for four for only $20.00.   Much less than I was expecting to pay for sure.   Although I would suggest paying a little more for separate tickets for all -because all night they have give aways based on your ticket numbers---and of course the more tickets you have  the more chances you have of winning.  On the way in-our oldest and I even won new baseball caps from the ESPN booth.  They even offer ride alongs  with the drivers at very reasonable prices.  

Rare shot of our oldest. 
More rare--he is almost smiling.

On this day--our first adventure at the Tucson  track--  I brought our two sons
and invited my mother in law.  We do not always get along the best--
but since my marriage --she is almost like family.  ;)
I think she might have enjoyed the night out more than the kiddos. 
And got autographs of every racer during the meet and greet on the track before the races. 

Lots of cars and trucks filled the line up on this night.  
And each of the racers was beyond friendly.

      The track mascot    Chilly Willy!   I kept trying to get our youngest to ask him why he  was so chilly!    Heat was not an issue on this night---with races starting at 7 PM  the cooler weather was starting to move in.  And it was perfect outside for enjoying racing.  

Race level with more meet and greet action. 

Super happy because this driver gave out candy with autographs!

Ready for the races to start!!

Flagger and all of the officials are ready.

Annnnnd they are off!

Winner of the very first race. 

I only include this picture  because every race we all 
picked what car would be the winner.  
And this was the ONLY race I picked right.

This single chain keeps un authorized people off the track. 

In case the drivers forget which way to go. 

Near the restrooms and one of the many beer vendors.  

Mini race car/strollers lined up.

The parking lot was easy to get to and it took no time at all to exit and work our way back to I-10.
All and all this was a great night.  
And we will defiantly come back and encourage anyone that has not been to the races
or has not been for a long while to drop by.
For a quality and fun night out at the races!

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