Friday, June 26, 2015


Comcast, and such sights  

   Good morning to everyone!   I got off work just recently and can not sleep   so lucky  you!  I am posting before bed.  The casino I seem to work at, was having a tribute concert of music to some old school white boy band, and I told a set of customers it was a tribute to The Jackson Five, before they became fully white.  So far from the truth that it was fully funny.  At least to me.  ;)  

To each there own!
This is beyond racist  but it is funny!

                                                      I am sorry   but this is funny! 

                                   Suprise   it's still hot in Arizona!   We did have some more great cooling rain today and a little bit of hail.   The paved street in front of our house flooded out a little bit actually.  I love the monsoon season!

                                                              Problem solved   finally!  

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