Saturday, June 6, 2015

No Ho--yo!

               **"Who cares about #hashtags when there are #hash browns!!??**"

  **I just saw one of those shot /energy drinks to keep you from having a hangover-----sounds like a good product if it works--but the name is called --No Ho! If I had not read the sign over the drink I would not have never guessed even close for what that drink was for.-----I was thinking it was something more like pepper spray in a bottle.  Than when you find yourself lost in the wrong part of town, and the ho's start circling you---you can spray it at the street walkers and yell out "No Ho!"  Personally I like my idea betterer  but it would probably cost much more per bottle.  

  Even though this very page is much more fun than most of y'all should ever have---and live to tell about it.   I finally posted a new post on my local Exploring page.  This one all about last weeks trip to Phoenix and Comicon.  Next I finally hope to post a very picture filled post or two about my recent grand but almost to much trip through the Grand Canyon.  Of course it will be very picture filled.  Please check out this page and share if you enjoy what you see there!

True story!

   So I am still not sure if it was a mistake or not, but I ended up with Thursday, Fri, and Saturday off work.  Although it has been time to get some stuff done and hang out with the kiddos for sure I do not sit well  plus my real money is in tips--weekend tips so I could go back to work at any point now.  I also have this problem where I have so many things I wish to do in so many different directions that I just keep adding things to my to do list and than get feed up and just go take a nap.   I actually have to contact work some time today, because on my last day -the new schedule was not up yet.  Anyways we have managed to have some fun also.  Tonight the boys and I are headed up to the race track in Tucson to watch some big time racing!   While my wife and daughter have some girl time--except for all the male animals running around our house.  OK that sounds bad--the animals, most of them, any way do actually live with us.  Maybe they can spend that girl time neutering my dog.  ;)  No one ever likes my ideas!  

     Against my better judgement I invited the mother in law along to the races.  We have a long history of bad blood  but in some ways I guess she is family.  As soon as she realized I was inviting her-and not asking her to watch the kiddos--and that I was paying for her way--everything except for beer--because I could not afford that bill, she got very happy and is ready to go.   As always I will have lots of pictures to share next time I am off work.   Another reason I really wish to know my new work schedule is so that my wife and I can have a big date night.  I have some big plans -to have fun and show her off--we were going to go last Thursday to  Tuscon and spend the night---I even asked my wife if anything was planned for Thursday, because she is the keeper of the schedules and of birthdays!   Luckily I did not make any reservations--a true slacker at heart.  Because my wife contacted me on Tuesday, reminding me that last Thursday was our daughters day of birth. Whoops!  So we are going this week --no matter what--I will make the plans as soon as I learn what daze work wants me to appear.  

Golf clap!!!
See  I don't only post about coffee.  

That's not right--BUT it made me laugh-
so it's posted.  
Start collecting them all today!

                                                                 I have used all the other excuses it seems.

   And now your moment of Zen....!

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