Friday, March 6, 2015


       March made it's famous appearance--at least here in Arizona.  Coming in like a lion--with snow in the hills, and lots of rain and high winds in our neck of the woods.  Of course I was off work the first two blustery days of the month, so did not really want to venture on any Exploring hikes or even wish to leave the house really for the most part.  Since then of course I have gotten new pictures as I hope to do again today--if I ever get motivated enough to get off my butt.  So far the drinking coffee is holding my interest quite well.   Much more local Exploring can be found on my newest blog page at   Please check it out and share   if you enjoy what you see! 

As some of us morn Mr Spock today Dr Seuss would be 111 if still alive and amazing today. On another note--big storm moving into our area--yes it does storm in the desert---only 360 days of the year are complete full on sunshine here. So much for a long hike today. My daze in Oregon and Washington give me plenty of wet hikes to last a lifetime. Maybe tomorrow. ----This post was now a few daze back, but Dr Seuss is still amazing. 

   **"I always answer the front door naked, so I can give Jehovah's something to witness!"**

  **"My grandfather was one half Cherokee --when he danced it got partly cloudy."**

  I had a customer the other day ask me if I could find some chocolate milk. I replied -that I would have to look for the recipe but was sure I could pull it off. Cliff notes: he was not amused one bit.  ;)  -----  I work in a very busy restaurant  and am always all about customer service.  And not only because my tips are mainly what we survive on as a family.  But some times you can not please every customer and they are not always right.  I personally have yelled at a lot of service providers, but find yelling at anyone that has a part in preparing my food--a very bad idea, and do not do it.  Especially if they work in fast food.  They are probably very under paid and very close to losing it and snapping on a daily bases in the first place.  Where I work now  we have two dispensers that automatically dispense coffee --one regular and one decaff.  I have never done this--but often when faced by a very problematic, and or fussy customer that also enjoys coffee--wish to poor several cups at the same time, from both dispensers, and than play a version of coffee rollute with them.  Being a serious coffee lover--I find this beyond mean   and again will say I HAVE NEVER actually done this.  Although the thought crosses my mind many days.  I can also say many food providers are not as nice---so don't risk an extra spit filled lunch by yelling at your server.  No matter how stress relieving it may be.   If you can express your concerns with the server---he or she can probably fix them all in minutes.  If you can not find your server because they are talking in the corner--and feel  the complete service was a bust---don't yell---leave a bad tip.  This said--most customers do not realize that in many states, servers make far under minum wage, because they make tips--so they really should be trying to butter you up and have a great experience the whole time. 
     My worse tip ever came to me years ago.   NOW I find it amusing and can laugh about it, but the day it happened I about followed the customers into the parking lot.  The customers had been annoying from the start--and nothing I could do seemed to remedy there thoughts.  And I know annoying customers--I worked at Wally World for eight long years!  Anyways in the end instead of leaving a crummy tip or even a cash tip, they left the newspaper classifieds section.  And circled jobs they thought I should have  instead of being a server. 

    Some what related--but not really---it is talking about coffee!   Several years ago I moved back home to Wyoming for a little bit to figure out life.  For about a week I stayed at my parents house.  It was a very long week.   Mostly because our sleep schedules are basically complete opposites of each other.  One lazy probably very cold morning-because heck it is Wyoming--I found I had drank an entire pot of coffee by myself.  And was not feeling any of the regular wake up effects.  In fact I could have easily went back to bed.  This was more than a little alarming to me.  And I still had enough energy to vent about it all in the middle of the kitchen.   My mom listened through the whole rant, and than started to laugh!   She said she had to tell me something.   They had secretly switched my real coffee to -- decaff "coffee"  O the pain!   I than uttered a cry much like good ol Charlie Brown always does after missing kicking the football Lucy is holding.  And quickly decided they owed me lots of Starbucks coffee to start to make up for this extra cruel joke. 

   So it's only a little late, but we are celebrating our youngsters birthday with a sleepover on Friday the 13th. A bunch of 11 year olds not sleeping but over -- and full of sugar somehow the date seems fitting to me.------This one kind of explains itself---we had so many things going on that we could not have the party in the month his birthday way.  At this point we are only a little over a month late.  The party is this weeksend.

  I do not update my blog pages near as much as I would like too.  But I am on my Facebook page much to much.  For much more random rambling, coffee love, pictures, and jokes---please check it out.

                              And lastly your moment of Zen!......

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