Monday, March 9, 2015


      Hello all!  In hopes to make that all a much bigger number of people PLEASE share this page with everyone you know---if you like what you see here.  Heck even if you do not like what you see here--please share the link!  ;)  Today is national meat ball day---stated way back in 1812, coincidentally the same year our microwave was made, by a band of stereotypical Italians.  OK I might have made most of that last sentence up.  BUT it is national meat ball day.  I only know this, because the restaurant I work at is making a big fuss about the day with cheap meat balls, and because I saw a post about it all on this new thing called the world wide web.  I did not have to deal with balls of any kind today at work, because I had the day off work.  Something I am kind of happy about today, because it is turning into a real Monday--even with no commute to work, or actual work.  Although with only about half of the day off past--I am really starting to wonder how I was officially -unofficially not employed for so long in my past.   I am already really going stir crazy. 

        Another great sight of mine to check out---full of local pictures and Exploring.  Soon to have some major updates!  
Local pictures and Exploring

       I have strayed from this for a long while but today we start a new! Today's Exploring song of the day Where are you Exploring today??

It is always nice to get recognized!  ??
I will sign this and place it right next to the name badge I made
at Wally World that says "Prick"
         **"One of the best things about Arizona is that we never change the clocks forward or backward."**---I often "joke" about all of the things wrong about living in the hot hot desert--but this is one thing that is totally right!  Although after the rest of the US changes there clocks, I never know what time it is any time I call anyone that lives outside of the state. 

   **"Do you know what sexual position creates the ugliest children??   Go ask your mother!"**

  **"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, --for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!"**

                **"I drink to make others more interesting!  ---Earnest Hemingway

     **"Because of one reason or another I "quit" my job almost every single day. Than I go home, look at our bank account, laugh, cry --and than return to work the next day."** True story.


   **"If you steal someone elses coffee---is it called mugging??"**-----What you thought I was going to sneak a post past y'all with not thoughts or mention of coffee!   Keep searching through alllll of my old posts for some great laughs--I believe you will be very hard pressed to find many posts with no mention of coffee.

I recently meet Golum -from the Lord of the rings.
I believe she had a different personal precious than coffee.
I am far from brave enough to post her real picture on here.
So this is kind of a personal joke that leads to this intro
I have meet The Devil and many other celebrities in my travels.
Heck after getting married I may or may not be related to some of them.
But I am still very disappointed to report that I have not yet meet Big Foot.
My buddy wants to travel around with me   just so he can get pictures of these spotting's.
Some because he does not believe me
and some because he needs to have the pictures to inform other non believers.
Speaking of marriage
my beautiful wife and I are about to celebrate three years of being married.
Above is a sock monkey rendering of what we might look like on any given' day.
Minus the  big smiles!
I mentioned a few days back about the newest, furry addition to our family.
Here she is more than ready for bed time.
She just turned 7 weeks old and now has a name---
And although I have not really spent much time around real babies-
I believe she is very similar to having a new born in the house.
The other dogs are not to impressed--yet.
So this is a super rare shot--that my wife got. 

This mainly goes out to all of the busy bodies in this small town we call home. 


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