Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday The 13th Got You Down?

If you think the arrow is pointing to you
NO  it is pointed straight at me!
See   not all my pictures are about coffee.
                         Welcome back for another post obviously you like real humor or are just a gluten for punishment.  Either way I will take the reader ship!   Does it being Friday the 13th really have you down and hiding in your nice safe, dark, creepy basement?   Don't fret there are still two more Friday the 13ths to survive this year!  Garfield the Cat and I believe that the scariest date is actually any Monday the 13th  but what do we know! 
I believe the above date is much scarier!
Weather you call it VD day or
Valentines day!!

   **Happy Friday the 13th y'all! Are you even leaving your house this fine day--in hopes to not get chased down by a mask wearing killer? Our youngest is having his sleepover birthday party tonight--lots of 11 year olds running around the house--seems like an appropriate date for it to me! Speaking of death---I may be hiking into the south rim of the Grand Canyon at the end of the month. Going in seems easy but one of the hikers may very well need to be carried back out. ;)   Pictures to come of course!**


 If you have not already checked out my newest Exploring blog page---please do so.  My last post was a long time coming--since the adventure was in October  but was a picture filled post all about our great voyage to LEGOLAND in California. I find it amuzing-ish that since we took the trip-and I liked random Lego Facebook pages--my computer automatically puts LEGOLAND in all caps for me every time I type it --On this page, on Facebook, etc.   Part one.  Check this out, the next instalment --that will conveniently be called part two, and lots of local Exploring at

Where should I Explore next??

PLEASE share with me if the sight of our flag ticks you off
so that I can share it every day!

    I believe every one should have there own theme song. That randomly plays in the background of their lives. Mine at the moment is by Weird Al. Who happens to be a concert coming to Tucson soon. Take a listen if you must and than tell me your personal theme song.

    What the smiling face slowly turns to after working at Wally World to long, or shopping there to long!

**How come when there is an issues at work, or someone complains---and you are in the office surrounded by managers---the managers ALWAYS say "they" are complaining?? Who are these mysterious "theys" that work at every business and why are "they" complaining so dam much??**

Mmmmm Ketchup!
Good times!!
Brought to you from the birth place of Wally World!!!
And now your rare moment of Zen....

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