Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello Tomorrow!

I win!
Wait  I am not that old

     Since it is late a closer look at some tough subjects I may or may not be dealing with.   It may or not be late in reader land for you, but it is nearing one AM where I reside.  I will keep tonight's or this early mornings topics light and care free for your viewing satisfaction and comfort.   Because I care, and because I am currently arguing with dips on other online sights of mine.  And the others reactions are causing me a headache.  Please enjoy what you read and or find funny and or amusing. 

And he did not spill a drop   off beer!
Not to disappoint those that like my coffee posts  or those that just like to use the coffee posts that I borrow   here are a few more.   I do have to say here  that the hardest part of waking up  might easily be having to make coffee when you are not even close to being awake yet.    The other day when we were out Exploring and in a motel   we had a very hi tech coffee maker, and we could not figure it out  thus we could not make coffee.  VERY disappointing indeed.  Especially when we had to venture to the motel lobby and try there coffee   grabbing handfuls of not good coffee and pretending to have a very full room of coffee needing sleepers. 

    This and more to be told soon in my next action void Exploring post    For many picture filled local tales  Please check out my newest Exploring page at

Mmmmm coffee!!
I believe this song should go with a white solo cup  
But  what do I know??
My copy of the book does not have this page
but I like it!
I also enjoy some great green eggs and ham.
                                I just had  a great trip like this to the Grand Canyon.
One that I was not really sure I was going to survive.   Mostly from lack of preparation.
Tons of pictures and thoughts on all of this to come

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