Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome Back Spring!


          Today is the first day of spring.  This does not mean as much to those of us living in Arizona as say those of you residing in Boston.  But it is still a happy day for sure.  We spent most of the day roaming around Tucson and enjoying the spring time sun.  Today was supposed to also be a solar eclipse, but we must have been inside when this actually happened, or blinked, or it does not happen until midnight tonight.  Because I saw nothing eclipse like today.  I have missed several of the events while living in Oregon and Washington state, because well it was winter and raining, and grey and gloomy and or dark all day anyway.   I do recall a full solar eclipse many years ago --many many years ago, when I was still in grade school.  It was kind of spooky actually.  Speaking of happy daze---Yesterday I found the retro show  "Third Rock From The Sun" on Netflix   O happy happy day!   If you have not watched the show--do so.   And I say retro  because the series came out in 1996. 
                      **"Being a vegetarian is a lost mistake."**

         So on our drive to Tucson today a full cattle truck passed us on the  highway.  For whatever reason this reminded me of a gal I used to know, we called her T-Bone.  Mainly because she lived in Wyoming and was a vegetarian.  Not so strange --I guess, but she did not ever eat the right things to make up for not eating meat.  The strangest part it seems was how she decided to stop eating poor animals and start eating poor plants.   One day she was zooming down the highway  and a completely full cattle truck  passed her.  No doubt she tried to get the cattle in the truck to moo at her, by mooing at them.  Because that is what any full blooded American does when they see a cow.  This is what you doooo toooo right?    No  well you should try it some time.  Anyways, the truck passed her ---I can not say if she tried to communicate with the cow passengers or not.  And a little ways up the road the truck started to swerve.  It swerved so much that the driver lost control of the truck right in front of T-Bone.   She did not already have this nick name, because we had not meet her yet, and because like 99% of people from Wyoming, she still ate meat, and liked it!  The driver lost control of his rig, and the livestock trailer landed upside down in the middle of the highway.  Before it landed --veil parts and blood lined the highway and quite possibly the windshield of T-Bones car.  Almost understandably that was the last time T-Bone desired an actual T-Bone cut of beef. 

    This all brings us to another friend of ours named Pork Chop---and our Exploring picture of the day!     I try to keep these pictures current---but this one is very old.  It just seems to fit with the theme of this blog, as if there ever where an actual theme to my random rambling. 

    This boy would go on hikes across the state of Oregon with my buddy and I---repeatedly telling us how everything we did was not safe!   This was always a true statement, but we quickly got tired of hearing it.  Especially when he was yelling it at us from the safety of my car.  On this particular day we got him to be brave and walk on top of some driftwood along the ocean coast line.  To our delight, a wave came in--knocking him off the log---to which we all got lots of pictures of him flopping around in the surf----maybe we should have named him  Surf and Turf---  getting lots of pictures, and yelling out "that's not safe!"  Hours of fun for sure.   This picture is actually right after he fell  and has me taking a picture of Shriek taking a picture of the action.  I believe if we could find ALL of the pictures takin' of this, we could easily piece together a great flip book.  And call it  "that's not safe--yo!"

     So the city of Tucson forced all of the homeless and there dream pods out of down town and is now paying a local church 20 000 to house the homeless that now have no where to go. Am I missing something or is this beyond crazy? What does the city manager have a sister that is a nun at this very church? Don't get me wrong, it's great city $ is going to a church but what the heck??------Just some rambling thoughts from me about the city's new great idea.  Minus the great. 

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I have customers all the time at work that no very little actual English words.
They are more often than not- angry that I do not also know Spanish.
At least beyond the cuss words and a few key words like taco.
So unless they are going to order a F'in taco, I probably can not help them. 
To them I simply state, that I barely know English!

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