Wednesday, February 27, 2013


         The above song keeps getting stuck in my head--and now I hope that it is stuck in yours!  

        The above singers, although funny, do not use the most clean word choices in this video.  
I love a good thrift shop.  In fact I was in one today.  When my family buys a house some were we hope to have a garage or such, not for our car, but for all the kool finds I seem to locate for free.  To re-sell them.  

   I have been working on some new pictures of course   so will have more posts in my other blog series very soon.  I am also working on getting my best exploring pictures on my Facebook page.  Until than please glance around my Bellingham, Washington page at: 

    New picture of Bellingham, Washington.   Near sunset exploring, with storm clouds moving in, imagine that.  ;)     We are thinking of moving cross country by summer time.   So with ample time to move, we are not going to push the vehicles, drivers, kids, or dogs to hard.  Plus this will give us lots of time to snap new pictures!    This will most likely end up in a 3rd blog series about exploring Arizona. 

I have been earning this badge a lot lately!

 When we finally vacate housing, I have a great editorial type column/post that I will blanket the Internet with.  Mainly focusing on all of the holes of this system and how it basically nurtures so much that no one ever leaves the system.  My next post on this page will also be a rant --about neighbors with no respect ---

This is an actual picture
downtown Bellingham.

     I purposely did not post on Valentines day, because I hate the 'holiday' and think you should show & tell your loved ones daily how special they are to you.  My wife and I did not do much on the day, but have a day out planned in the near future.  More on that afterwards.  Everything fades---except true love.

     I took this picture --because everyone-including myself always enjoys a great flower picture.   

I am going to be so lost without my wife.
In all aspects of the word lost.  

       On a rare serious note:
    Last week in the restaurant were I work, a gentleman had a heart attack and died.  I have seen some close calls before --but never anyone die.  Many inappropriate jokes can be made --but I will not stoop to that level.  You the reader can, maybe something about the service being so lousy he starved ....     But bottom line is this man went out having fun.   He was at a casino, enjoying adult beverages and great food surrounded by people he loved.  Or at least liked enough to go out with.   I believe the worse part of the whole situation was the party that sat through the entire episode, watching and eating -utterly mesmerized.   Everyone else in that section asked for there checks, and quickly found an exit.   This group sat there the whole time, like it was a dinner show.  What is wrong with people?   The only thing worse I have witnessed was at Wally World.   And I have seen some things there.    Things that haunt me.
Of course the job is also how I met my beautiful wife, so all the bad things seem A-ok!

    It was about Christmas time and people were out in masses.  A lady passed out near the check outs, and customers were so desperate to buy there cheap disposable crap --that they were stepping over the poor lady.   

      Is it worse that I posted this picture, or that you are laughing about it??

                                                This really does work!!  ;)

                                                                  Sign me up!

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