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     Welcome back!   As I guzzle coffee and attempt to gain new members on my new Facebook page:    You to should check out my page on here!  ---- full of jokes, random randomness, coffee love, my pictures, and direct links to both of my links.  And lots of exploring and deep quotes also!   My page loves haters and comments, so you would be perfect!       Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county      I am trying to find the energy to actually make posts on both of my blogs, and to put all of my exploring pictures on the above page in categories of places explored.  Of course I need back ground music, with the coffee to help keep me not just awake, but up-right.   Above is a great motivational song.  I believe anyway.  When I used to actually jog---I had a tape of just the cheering and applause between actual songs from live concerts--- I found nothing better than jogging, Rocky movie style to this.   And yes I said tape---I had to edit it myself, a very long process.  Feel free to Google what a cassette tape is now.  See also mixed tape and 8 tracks for extra fun, because the more you know  something something.  Maybe you can also look up the end of that sentence while you are at it.  While I was exploring on this little sight called, Facebook-- you might not have to Google that to find out what I am talking about.  I learned that if you type :poop: in any comment---a pile of poo will appear in the comment line!   A smiling pile of poo at that!   It does not work in my blogs, I have just learned.  But ;) makes a winky smiley face!  At any rate, with no dislike button on FB, I will now use the pile of poo.  

                        And now in the tradition of tradition----some deep quotes!    Minus the deep. 

   **"If you get a booty call at 3:00AM. . . You probably weren't first on the list."**

          **"Why does toilet paper have it's own commercials? Who is not buying this?"**----
I also believe there are way to many choices of products, like TP.  I have watched customers spend 40 minutes trying to decide what brand of butt wipe to use.  Squeezing the rolls, un wrapping them, just a little feel, maybe just stealing some if they are extra low on cash.  First let me explain that I observed all of this while working in retail, not just while extremely bored one day.  Next let me say that maybe soviet Russia had the plan, with one choice of every product on there shelves.  And it is out of stock!  Next I must say that every type is the same--it's butt wipe!   It is all better than having to use paper towels.  Except maybe the extreme cheapo rolls--those priced at around 88 cents for four rolls.  Do not buy these!   Using a pine cone or random porcupine, would be softer!

         **"When you have to lean on your beliefs rather than confront a difficult question, evaluate those beliefs."**----G Miller-----   I slipped up, and one was deep today!  ;)

  **My mother-in-law came to visit, I asked, "How long are you going to stay?" She said, "As long as you want me to." I said, "You're not even going to stay for coffee?"**---Not a true story, but entertaining.  And many times, that's all that really matters.  

  For those of you dating, maybe you took my Valentines advice from older blog posts--here maybe a great post....

                    **"I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge!"**

    **"You have been to the DMV and still think the government should control our health care plan?? Really? "**---Seinfield.

                        **"Revenge is beneath me, but accidents do happen."**

    For more great quotes, please roam through my old posts on here.  Each is sure to make you laugh or your money back!   Many times, by make you laugh, I really mean cringe a little!

   And now a small tribute to all of those living back east, down south, or in my home state of Wyoming were it is not warm:

                                 Please note there is supposed to be a "T" first

              So last post I talked in support of a local sign that was gaining a lot of attention.  It talked about guns and was across from a middle school.  In Washington, guns are bad--so of course the sign was bad.  Bad sign!  After viewing the actual sign---I am more in support than before!   Let me re-state it is on a home construction sight, across from a middle  school, full of middle scholar's, that act like they are in middle school.   And starts out "Attention semi literate thieves.......      and than talks about the random guns they may have on sight.    Kudos   home owner!   

                                  A great sign I found while exploring in Seattle.

                                                I Stole this, but Amen!!

Drug testing (You pay or you pee)
Everyone receiving ANY money from the government should be required to pass a drug test.
Every government employee, military personnel, government contractor and all their employees, sub-contractor and all their employees.
Every medicaid, medicare, tax refund, social security, unemployment, recipient.

If you are not PAYING then you should be PEEING!

I have to pay taxes every year and I don't want any of MY tax dollars going to anyone that can not pass a drug test!

You don't want to pee then that is your right, but you receive NOTHING!

    I wait tables - a fun but very difficult job also.   And had a very good weeksend for tips.  As I was counting my tip money from the last few weeks to deposit in the bank, a few things came to mind.  First- with a large deposit, mostly in one $ bills, this is why our bank dislikes me.  What bank?  We stuff our mattress with tip money--and yes, we are signed up for direct deposit! ;)   I also find it great fun when buying things at a retail store, with large amounts of dollar bills--to wait for the cashier to re-count the stack.  About the time they are half way through the stack of money, and have handled it all-  exclaim- "yeah I pulled those bills out of my G string last night...."   There is always a pause and dirty look as the cashier tries to determine if I am joking or not.  They do not know several things---  I am joking 90% of the time, if not more.   There are no such businesses around here--that would require G strings, on anyone.   AND people would pay me to put my clothes back on.   
      I also noted a discussion I had with one of my co-workers.  He had asked if I had ever kept track of all of the tips earned in a month, and than wondered were all of that cash went.  He is single--- and always low on $, so it may be more of a mystery.   But with three kids--I know why the bank account is always easy to balance at the end of the month.  0 is an easy number to balance.  I have told bill collectors that they could have 100% of our 0 but they never seem to find this as amusing as I do.   Another reason our bank balance is always 0---- our cash goes right in to our mattress--are you even reading along here?

       I know lots of Askhole's.    Although few people tend to ask my advice more than once.  

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