Monday, February 4, 2013

Day Dreaming About Dreams

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    Tonight I am going to talk about dreams.  We all have them, even those of us that live on caffeine have down moments sometimes when we actually fall asleep.  You can only tell those around you that you are merly checking your eye lids for holes/with your eyes shut so many times, especially if you are at work.  I do not recall most of my dreams.  As in by morning, I can usually not remember anything from my dreams.  Many dreams tell us things.   What they tell us is directly related by whom you share your dreams with.  For instance the meaning might become much deeper if you tell your shrink about your dream about licking the bottom of the above pictured boat compared to if you tell about the dream to your drinking buddies.  In turn if you tell me about your dreams I will make fun of you, and than try to include your story as my own in one of my blog posts.  Maybe the one talking about dreams?   Are you now trying to recall all of the sick/ twisted dreams you might have shared with me?  If you tell your dreams to your significant other it will most likely end up not coming out as glorious as your dream was, and probably end up in a long fight.  So unless you really really enjoy make up sex, do not wish to spend any cash on your gal this Valentines Day, or are prepared to video tape, and than send to me the unavoidable bad situations do not share any of your dreams with your partner.   
       Many dreams really do mean something.  After eight years of working in retail at a store that rhymes with "fall apart", and also just happens to be the name of a story I am working on-- I had a  rare dream that I remembered the next day.  I still remember it clearly.  In fact it lead to me quitting my job with the company.  I would say it stopped me from working there, but the actual work performance was reduced many years before this.  This all started out as a great dream.  And than like many--it went south fast.   Please let me re-cap now
      My wife and I were working at the same Wally World store, which happens to be true, except we were not yet married at the time.  We had went to lunch together, away from the store, and upon driving back to work happily noticed that the store had been blown up.  I do not know the reason it had been exploded, but it was gone!   Complete with a huge whole in the ground and very black smoke all around.  We both got out of the car to explore, out of work, but very happy!
      As we were in about the middle of the huge pile of ruble--- were the store used to sell underwear--- shoppers started to come out of the wreckage and as soon as they noticed our blue worker vests, try to ask us were store items were located!   I started to yell at the "shoppers."   Greatly angered that the store had been blown up, and these shoppers were worried about finding condoms and pickles or some other morbid combination of essentials.  
    As I said, I found the need to quit working with the company soon after ward.  So the dream did mean something to me.  Any time I think about going back to work for the retail giant, I recall this dream.   My wife had a similar experience.   Going back on the above advice I gave, I will tell it here.  And I hope to not end up sleeping on the couch because of sharing.  
    My wife had been working at the same store for awhile now, and was many days in charge of answering the phone.  Many times this lead to paging through the store to get other workers to answer the constant phone questions.  She had been doing this for many months.   One night she was over at my apartment and we were sitting on my couch, very late at night, talking a lot but really talking about nothing.  It was a new relationship for us, so I am sure the topics were lame and sappy.  Anyways, when I thought she was still awake--she started paging out for various workers to answer phone calls.   After I realized she really was asleep, and I stopped laughing, I moved so that I  could lay her down to sleep on the couch.  
      Although many dreams have a meaning  lastly I must share a dream I very recently had.  For the life of me, I can not find any reason to it.  Maybe you can help me?   

    I was in Seattle for some reason, more surprisingly I was by myself.  Roaming the city in the early AM, with a coffee cup in both hands.  Suddenly the ground began to really shake.  And I soon realized I was witnessing a very bad earth quake first hand.  Instead of people panicking all over the city, everyone around be started to dance.  Flash mob style.   And they were very happy about there highly coordinated and sycronized dance.   So happy that I even joined in on the dance.   I must say here that I do not dance.  The few times it has happened, my wife ran to the car to hide. And someone called 9-11, sure that I was having a seizure.   

   At some point the world stopped shaking and we were surrounded by news vans.  We all stopped dancing, and started to be very dramatic for all the cameras.  

  I hope all of this has made you want to share your dreams, with the right people.  Maybe it has made you wonder just a little.  Hopefully it has not made you start to wonder about me.  Enough people already do that.   ;)   Next post I will return with lots of jokes and such.  As always please share your thoughts and or hate for anything you read here.   

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