Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Day Another Anger---Errrr Dollar!


                                                **"Whatever you are, be a good one!"**

   In case you are new to my blogs, and have not yet gotten the memo--I enjoy coffee.  A lot!  Maybe to much.  But with exploring, a job, and three kids--the consumption almost lets me keep up.  Keeps me upright for sure.  So it is no surprise that at 9 AM I am at my second coffee house of the day.  The surprising part, is that I received no coffee at the first stop.  After getting the kiddos off to school, I ventured right down the road to one of my favorite coffee shops.  I will not mention the places name, because today I am not really liking the place.  I will say that we live in Fairhaven, so the coffee shops are very limited.  I ordered my morning brew, and than groggily tired to hand the beverage maker my debit card.  Amazingly they only take cash and checks--but no debit.  Amazing because few cashiers still know how to handle actual cash.  And very few places still take checks.  Something we just use for mailing out bill payments.  Because I find checks to be the most evil form of payment known to man.  With all of the security checks on a check and such I think this form of payment is even far worse than the bottle of pennies!  Although I have started to notice that NO one knows how to use there own debit and or credit cards.  They fumble in the line for so long.   I blame most of this on the consumer.  Who seems to be getting dumberer ever day, the gentle man in front of me in line last week, told the cashier that his pin number was taped to the top of his card -in case the cashier needed it to finish the transaction.  Or in case anyone needed the pin number if the card ever got stolin.  Like by me, after gaining this new info.  Some of the blame I place on the businesses.  Many places seem to re-set there credit machines each week adding new buttons to push.  To were it now takes 22 buttons to buy one bag of Cheesy Poofs.  The machine even asking you if you want to leave a tip for your cashier.  No--I want my fatty snack food.   Many workers actually deserve a tip.  They work for your tip money.  The cashier that glares and than smirks down at you while you push all of these buttons, basically getting a nice break -does not deserve a tip, or any of my chips.  
    Anyways, I had no cash on me or dreaded checks and had to move on down the road.  So I now find myself enjoying the view and brew at Tony's coffee.   In the heart of Fairhaven.  I have written bad reviews of the place in the past, mainly because the store did not have it's own wi-fi.  They have fixed this---allowing me to write this amazingly bland blog post from the coffee shop.  Wahoo for the future were you can use wi-fi and pay with a debit card! 

  At my last job I heard all about how my co-workers would survive a zombie attack.  ALL about.  Two quick thoughts on all that I heard.   1.)Most Americans, including myself are beyond week and would not last a week.  Lets face it, getting out of bed is the most exercise many of us face in a day.  And we get a tummy ache from eating at Burger King.  Do you really think you can survive any kind of attack?  The only advantage is that obesity and laziness is spreading past America, so the zombies or attacking nation might also be addicted to Cheesy Poofs, cheese cake, and diet 44  oz sodas! And B.)  Zombies only like fresh -full brains, so most of the people I know are safe!

    Valentines Day is right around the corner.  I have to work as a server.  And really think it would be fun to buy a bunch of discount rings.  And secretly slip them on couples tables --and than step back and watch the show!  But since my job resume is not up to date and my job description mainly has my name followed by a blank page--I will again refrain from sharing my ideas with management.    

Because I am working--my wife and I are not going to do much on the actual "holiday."  Yes, I have discussed this with my wife, while we were both awake.  And we are going to run away for a day soon after, and just enjoy each other.  And I must say, I can't wait!   Not only because we are sapply still madly in love and like hanging out -90% of the time, anyway.  But also because Nana is watching the kids! 

    I am sure I have shared this story before, but I am in the typing mood, and think it is a fitting story.  For more great advice, on things not to try, unless you wish to be single, please check out my old blog posts.  My beautiful wife was born in April and suffered through years of April fools cracks.  I did not know this the year we first meet.  And decided to pull a prank for April fools, very soon after we had first fell for each other.  
    She was positive I was going to dump her from the start.  And after lots of discussion, we decided that if this ever happened, I had to do the break up face to face.  No phone calls or text message break ups.  
    For whatever reason I decided it would be a great idea to e mail her a fake break up.  And sat down to cook up what I still personally think was a great letter.   "Dearest Purdy Lady,  ...Blah blah blah.... I know we agreed to never do it this way, but things are not working out....blah blah blah...sorry for the e mail version.....   just friends....   "  Scroll down a little bit and the famed words "April Fools!!" appeared.  
    This went on for a few paragraphs.  And than with out much pre-thought I clicked on "send."   Long story -short, she did not find this as amazing as she did ever time I pictured this in my head.  Most damningly because she did not scroll down to the end.  And thought it was a real, very harsh break up.  She instantly deleted my name from any and all contact lists and would not answer her phone for anything.  It finally took me calling her grandma, explaining the joke, and than having her explain things to my wife.  Many apologies and years later she does not find the humor in any of this.  I am a married man now, and have no opinion on the subject either way.  But feel free to comment on here your thoughts on all of this.   Funny or beyond mean?   Or like many of my jokes, a morbid mixture of the two.  

      Speaking of love, a local home under construction received a ton of negative publicity and made it on the evening news.   Why you ask?   Ask dam it!   Because they got tired of people messing with there construction sight and put a sign in the front yard warning traspassers to stay out and that this warning was inforced with a guns.  "Bad" enough in a state like Washington, full of weenies and zombie fighters.  But these people just happened to live across from the Fairhaven Middle School.  Causing a huge conflict.  
   I am completely in support of this sign.  We have a middle schooler, almost two of them at home, and I would hate to have a few hundred of them cutting through my yard.  The sign was probably put up, after many problems, and I bet those would be vandals now think twice before venturing into the lawn.  If this sign was across from an elementary school, than yes --- I might agree that it was a very poor choice---but middle schoolers are old enough to dechper their own luck.  And if they can not read the sign, than this should be the big news issue, not the sign.  I believe some thing new is taking the towns focus.  Like the locos are protesting street signs, because they bring in more evil, possibly gun toting, out-of-towners.  But I was ready to stand near the lawn, with a support sign.  I say near the sign, because I am not standing on there lawn, I can not out run guns.   A support sign saying something like "I support these folks, and if you touch my sign, I will shoot you!"  I believe, like my writing today, that is a run on sentence.  But my coffee has not fully kicked in yet.  
      I grew up in Wyoming were all of the best trails and exploring is private property.  And each is marked with similar signs.  The only difference is, everyone in Wyoming has a gun cabinet full of guns, and they have known how to use there guns since they were knee high to a grasshopper.  So you really do have to think twice before jumping that barbed wire fence.  
    Some of my better pictures and exploring comes from private land.  But I always think twice before venturing around a restricted sign.  Or cover it over with my jacket.  If you can't see it, it is not there!


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