Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello March!!

    **"Out of all the gruesome noises coming from the bathroom stall next to me, the camera click was the most troubling."**

                                **"Sarcasm is just one more FREE service we offer here!"**

                          **"No matter how bad it gets, I am always rich at the Dollar Store!"**

            **Can you imagine the reactions if those meteorites had hit Russia on December 21st!?**

     **"Probably the main life lesson I've learnt is that you should check to see if a chair has wheels before standing on it."**

         Hello!    I am typing this on my old mini laptop thanks to my wife.  And recalling how difficult it is to type fast on not just a lap top, but a very small one.  She surprised me last night, by getting it fixed and in working order again.  We have another lap top, but it is large and almost as portable as a home PC.  So a huge thank you to her!  I am writing this from a local coffee shop, thanks to my mother-in-law, who took two of the kiddos, my wife is having a mommy day with our third, so that I could disappear.  This does not happen much.  Usually when I have "time to myself" it is time for me to go to work.   Speaking of family, my mother just joined the Facebook generation!   The jury is still out on my happiness with this.  Probably because I filter what goes in my blog posts much more than what I post on Facebook.  ;)

     I am still forming in my head, how to write my next blog post about all of our neighbors we will defiantly not miss when we move cross country.   I would like to pause here and thank my parents and teachers---ewww!   Who made reading and writing a huge priority in my life.  Obviously I still need work in the writing area.  But with all of our problems with housing, landlords, and people in general, it is great to know that I can plop down in front of the computer and quickly compose an letter that makes people notice and than usually see things our way.  People do not usually like my letters, like my blogs, but they tend to be very effective!  My wife than gets to edit and approve my thoughts, before we send out any e-mails.   But for the most part -she is the talker.   And in a good way.  If we need to set up something, or defend ourselves or our children in person-she is the man for that!   Altogether we make a team to be reckoned with for sure!

    Sadly our kids are not being taught to express themselves effectively at all.   They want our oldest to type everything he hands in, but do not offer keyboarding classes for him.  Since we use these skills all of the time, we are trying to give the kids extra tools to use.  So in the future, the kiddos will be co-writing some exploring blog posts with me!   We are finding all of this very hard to accomplish--with everything else that goes on in a day in our life, and mostly because the kids spend all day at school, not being taught anything.  It is beyond hard to sit them down for more lessons during there free time.  If anyone out there has any suggestions, please let me know.  

Just sayin'!
Statistics show you are more likely to get bit by a human -than a shark
Garfield, like me-always offers deep insight!

Wally World drivers---Always safe drivers----Always!
So my wife is very happy, because the town we are looking at moving to has a super center Wally World.  Every were has this store, that's not why she is happy.   But after what seemed like 20 years of working with the company, but was actually 8, I took allll of my vacation time in a row ---came back to work, and quit.   Soon after I informed my wife, that if I ever went back to the evil company to work, she could shoot me in the foot!   And than call me "Hop-A-Long. 
     Ta Da!!   that is why she is happy.   The town has this store, and it would be a very easy way to be employed soon after moving.   It is always easier to land a good job, when you are working. 

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