Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rain In Washington--Who'd Of Thunk? Welcome To Washington!!

     As I sit here watching it decide if it is going to rain or not---- **Spoiler alert**  It is going to rain!   I think back to the first time I moved to beautiful Washington.  Do you know a huge reason the area is so darn purdy?  Because it rains all the time.  ;)  Anyways I was sick of Oregon and packed everything I owned into a big blue pickup truck.  As in many of my road trips, everything was going wrong--but I had a good buddy with me, to make fun of my misfortunes.   Just before you enter into Bellingham, Washington there is a rest area.   My truck and I were running on empty, so I attempted to buy a pop out of the vending machine.   The machine that ate my money twice, but gave me no caffeine filled beverage.  As I was jumping around the rest area, holding one foot in the air, from deciding to kick the vending machine, it started to dump rain.  I believe I than slipped in some random dog poo.   As I was flopping around in the grass, greatly wondering about this move, my buddy snapped a photo and than yelled out "Welcome to Washington!"    Like many moments it was only amusing to my buddy.  But whenever I hear someone grumble about something similar---I yell out a happy phrase that is similar.   If people from my home state are grumbling about snow in the winter or summer ----   I yell out  "Welcome to Wyoming!!"  It works in many situations, and is amusing in almost all of them. 

      I did not take this picture---- Although this like most of the views is amazing, it also shows how dam cold it is only about 9 months of the year.   For some more insights on Wyoming, and pictures I actually took, please type in Sheridan Wyoming on this pages search option.  

     I have a feeling that this post is going to turn into a vent so I will talk about some good happy thoughts first and see if the whole post turns that way.  In writing my posts, I find that after I sit down to type, even I am surprised at what comes out. 

True story! ;)

      First off--- as of next week, my wife and I  will have been married a year.   Wow does time fly.  Although I am not really happy with most of the in-laws at the moment, I have heard this goes along with having in-laws or even having friends.   Luckily no one else but me can actually see any of my friends.   Last week we had a late Valentines day/early anniversary day out and among other things got matching tattoos.  


    Almost a year. Ignore my bald spots, and look at how amazingly beautiful my wife is. Than marvel in the fact that she would say no, if I asked her to marry me now lol----I kid, for the most part we are still in the honey moon stage.  And we try to keep each other as happy as we are in the above picture.  I am only sharing this because my wife, like almost everyone else, hardly ever reads my posts---but I am planning to ask her to re-marry me on our anniversary.  We are moving this summer, and funds are tight--- so the date is up in the air, but the party will be in Vegas. 

     I will have more deep thoughts on this, with some pictures in a very soon blog post.  One picture I need to make larger, because my wife swears it looks like I am about to cry in the picture. 

      **"Truth apart from love can do harm. Love apart from truth can also do harm. But Truth and Love together are a mighty force for good."**----my mother

                         **"Some people are so poor, all they have is money."**

      For more deep quotes and thoughts---please roam through my old blog posts.  They are full of both! 

         I don't know how anyone travels on airplanes long distances. Just this one hour time change throws me off for like a week. If I flew to China-I would be asleep the whole vacation. Starting to really enjoy AZ and it's not observing the time change twice a year.    If you were not aware of the time change, and have been suddenly very early for everything, ummmm---   now you know!   Although almost every computer and cell phone, knows to set itself.  Does anyone else find this disturbing?   Kind of like when you turn on your computer on your birthday and every sight you frequent on your computer, KNOWS it's your birthday.  Along with people that don't even know your last name.  The best part about our road trips past, to Vegas was going across the Hoover Dam.  Because about half way across ---you enter another state and another time zone.  We used to place our cell phones in the cup holders and about wreck, watching them re-set.   This fun is ruined because you can not drive over the dam anymore.  Thanks to a 12 year construction plan --started after 9-11.

                         I have never claimed to be the smartest crayon in the box!

    And now some of my own insight on harassment based on the last week of social interaction online and in the real world.  It is also based on the great movie we watched at work teaching us how to harass people.  Wait!   Teaching us how every possible thing could offend someone.  Luckily I work in a casino now, so the customers are pretty hard to offend.  I hate most PC terms and all of it's politically correctness.  But being a short person, I do like the term "vertically challenged."   Basically instead of anyone working for anything or taking personal responsibility, everyone is a victim.  Maybe I am just over thinking all of this ?

      Falsely claiming harassment seems to go with low class/income people. My wife & I have had five people say there were harassed by us in the last month. First off, we are on a roll! ;) Some thoughts on this: ** If you continue to e mail/text/ etc back---we are not harassing you** **If you enjoy it, it is not harassment.** **If we are asking for cash owed us or something fixed that you broke---Surprise, it's not harassment!**


     **I stongly beleive that 90% of workers, trained or other wise, do not know how to do there job.**

      Right above is the cliff notes of another rant from my long time buddy "Professor Getty."   I could list multiple examples of this---but I am sure you could also do the same, no matter were you reside.  I do have to give Kudos to our local Midas repair shop----  Each time I have dealt with them --they have been helpful, timely, fair, and friendly.   *Gasp!* 
    I am typing this rambling mess of rambling from a local coffee shop, while Midas checks out our new truck.  Well new to us.   This should already be takin' care of, but we chose another repair shop ---and basically wasted lots of time and gas.   Please allow me to back track a lil bit here.
      Last Thursday I coordinated time with my mother-in-law, and we drove 30 + miles into the country to take my truck into a "great" shop.  We knew for sure that the brakes needed looked at and a few other little things, but mostly wanted to have the whole rig checked out to see how good a purchase it really was.  Thursday night the shop called me, right before I was leaving for work.  They quickly explained there was a long list of possible fixes, and than rapidly rattled them off over the phone.   I know as much about vehicles as I do about computers.  Basically if it doesn't turn on, I am lost.   So on Friday I asked if they could e-mail us an invoice of all of the issues, and we as a family would decide what needed to be fixed.  I was told this could be accomplished, but not until Monday.  Late Monday afternoon, I again called the shop, and was told that they were still working on the invoice.   On Tuesday I again called the shop-- and was than told that they were not hi-teach enough a place to send us an invoice in any form.   What kind of business can not even accomplish this simple task?  I could make an invoice with a pen and a tablet of paper, but I don't have a business licence.  Anyways, the secertary proceeded to be very rude to me, and we than decided that if they could not even make an invoice, they probably should not be trusted with any part of our truck, especially the brakes.  And again coordinated a trip to the shop to pick up our rig. 
     Call me crazy, many people do---but at the very least I believe that a places secertary ---the first, maybe only person your customers correspond with---should have people skills.  If the restaurant I work at, had the most amazing food in the state, but customers had to deal with a witch of a hostess to get a seat, we would soon become an empty building.   Needless to say the shops secretary continued to be herself & I am a strong believer in my personal attitude reflecting what I receive from others.   Not surprisingly the shop owner, defended his worker, as he handed me the truck keys.  I will be "praising" this places great customer service all over the Internet very soon, with the name of the shop also.   
         Next post----some thoughts on our newest and continuing issues with the kiddos elementary school.  But enough negativity for today.     Thanks for reading!!

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