Saturday, March 23, 2013

3/23/2013 Please Read & Share

   Hello!    If last week you were not wearing green, and you got pinched more than normal.  Please note for next year, it was probably St Patrick's Day.  A great day if for no other reason to wear all of the green clothes that never seem to make it out of your closet, because they are ugly.  It is also a great day to use up the last of your green food coloring.  I found out several years back, that Bellingham, Washington bars offer great entertainment on that night, with packed bars and strolling bag pipe players.  You can judge for yourself if the lads wear anything under there kilts.  But green beer is amazingly hard to find that night.  At least the night my buddy and I went out.  He had never enjoyed a green beer, and we set out to change that. It took many more stops than I would have bet on.
      I am surprised at how many things are on our large family's social calender for the 1st of April.  And I have to wonder if we will get there and just be greeted by a wee leprechaun who yells out "April Fools!'    This would be equally as annoying and entertaining to me, so it would be fine either way.  Unless the leprechaun was just barley shorter than myself.   I am vertically challenged for sure! 
      We use calenders all of the time.  In fact we have a huge one in the living room, color coordinated with everyone in the family.  Of course most of the running involves the kiddos.  At the start of each month, we marvel at how empty the calender is.  By the end of the month we fight to find space to add anything.  Although the last year has flown by for us, it has been great for sure!
   Another event not yet on our calender, but coming very soon is our cross country move.  Of course I will add lots of tales and pictures once we get settled some were with wi-fi.  Some of the stories might even be true!   Although we do have about 60 daze till moving day, we have sooo much to do still.   And I have already started to over worry about it all.   I shouldn't worry, my wife and I have become pros at moving.  Doing every type of move possible.  From the super smooth transition---is there really such a thing??  To hauling all of our belongings in garbage bags, with a large police escort.   Small town, bored cops, many showed up thinking they could witness a domestic dispute.   Gotta love Arizona, which is were we are moving again!   I will share this and some of my other cop stories very soon!   My buddy wishes I had most of my court appearances on tape--because they really would make good TV.   I really wish I had my old exploring hikes recorded.   Because they were all beyond crazy.  Of course this is back when I was in shape, before I exclaimed that "round is indeed a shape!  
     I am sure everything will work out for the best.   But I like to have a detailed plan for everything.  And with kids, it doesn't work to even attempt to plan.  What happens soon becomes the plan.  And if it is super adventurous, it could easily become a four part blog series!
      A new factor to this move, is that we hope to purchase our first home.  The place needs work for sure, and buying something we have not actually been inside, is also a little nerve wracking.  But it will be ours!   Something we will die in for sure.  ;) So we will be poor when we arrive, but poor in our own pad.   The arriving that broke, is also already stressing me out.  I know first hand that you can not live on love alone.  Those mean land lord folk do not take food stamps and or Monopoly money!   But things will work out for the best.  We live in a very beautiful area, but it is also an overly expensive area.   Because of my part time job, our rent went up, and all of our benefits vanished.   Good deal right? 
       Plus actually seeing sun some days is healthy and something we miss.   It is a small town we are going to, close to a very big town so work and activities surround.   Also as I might have mentioned --again a full blog post is in the works about this-- my beautiful wife has a terminal disease, and the an actual hospital that for that will be near by.   To gain more knowledge on all of this and maybe send us some support---please check out her website

    If nothing else please pass the above link on!    We are not asking for a hand out, but for a hand up.    Thanks for reading!

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