Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Post--Your Welcome!

     Above is another picture of mine from down by the bay in Bellingham, Washington.  I have tons of water pictures.  I have also just found that if you post pictures on your Facebook cover photo--- and than save them to your computer--- they come out modified in panoramic view with almost no effort from you.   Giving a great effect. 

      This is just a little further down the boardwalk, looking into Fairhaven.    I want to turn my better exploring shots into frame able greeting cards, but with work, us moving cross country very soon, etc etc  just have not had the time to try them out even.   The first step is getting all of my exploring pictures on my FB page, but this to has been a slow process.  Add in that I am a slacker --and it may never get finished! ;)

Please check out my FB page----   Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county    it always needs more viewers and "likes" for sure!

   I still am forming a blog post in my head about crappy neighbors and such---  Most people agree that things should stay in my head.  I have been in too good of a mood to write this post yet.   Give it time, I will be fully annoyed enough to write it soon.  It was close yesterday, when we had yet another run in with the neighbor, I appropriately enough call "Loony Tunes."   But I knew that Nana was watching the kiddos, and my wife and I had a day to ourselves.   A great day that sadly brought us to Wally World at one point.  But shopping is much easier without the kids for sure.  If nothing else less items "fall" in our shopping cart when we are alone. 

      I will soon post more about our day out yesterday.  I will say it was awesome.   I had to work on Valentines day and our one year anniversary of being married is coming up this month, so we meshed the daze together and had some fun.  I believe the highlight was in the evening when we got matching tattoos.  Which I must say hurt 80 times less than I imagined for sure.   I made sure it was on my right arm, in case it stung still when I returned to work, I hold the serving trays with my left arm.   Anyways this is my first tat and if nothing else my mother is not impressed ;)  As I might have mentioned she recently joined the huge Facebook family.   And
the jury is still out on how much I "like" this.  Yesterday I hinted online that we were getting tattoos- an my mother responded with   "Didn't your mother teach you anything??"   I always having the smart ass bug responded with   "My mom taught me not to get a swastika tattoo on my forehead--but only because of job interviews of course

                              A true smart ass----notice this is not a picture of me!  ;)

Our new tats!

    Just do not stare directly at my manly breasticles, you might go blind. ;) Our new tats as of last night. Supposedly say "Love" in Chinese. I say supposedly, because all of these lovely words could really mean anything and they are just... fooling us all. They all mean something like "eat at Joe's! or sponsor a tattoo shop, or each symbol actual says "screw America" in some form. Those Asians can be almost as shifty as Americans.... Whatever the case---I like our matched set a lot!

                                                      And now your moment of Zen! .....

  Is it a sign of to much coffee   when your coffee talks to you in the A.M.?

        There seem to be tons of pictures of me enjoying coffee.   The above is me with Bigfoot.  He is slightly sad, because he is not also holding a cup of Joe!   I kept the image small because when this picture is blown up, Big Foot's package is bigger than my head. 

       This I have shared before---and is also in Seattle in front of the first Star Bucks.  Notice the people reflected in the window, that is part of the massive line that usually loops through the store and outside a ways down the block.  I do not necessarily find SB coffee any better than any other coffee---but by sure volume of stores, I tend to find myself in one quite a bit.  Plus they were one of the first coffee stores to provide free wi-fi.  Making it easy for me to look like a big writer in front of other yuppies, while I am in all actuality losing at a game of solitaire.   Seattle really is a great place to just soak it all in.   I have several blog posts about our visits.   And we are taking the kids for a couple day exploring journey before we move out of this great state. 

     How to jump start your morning in style!    With this much coffee --I could almost keep up with the kiddos!   If I even had half of the energy of our 9 year old, I could maintain three full time jobs. 

Above is our youngest in the school newspaper.  
Hard to see in this picture, but he is chillin in the white shirt, with the super kool hair.
He styled it himself.

And you thought you had a bad job.....
   One of the dr's in Sheridan Wyoming is named Dr Batty.   No joke.   As in that's his real name, and I will let you provide the joke for that statement. 

      As always

                             **Happy Trails!**

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