Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Another Day In Paradise


      The above picture is from just outside of Benson, Arizona.
  I have so many new exploring pictures to add and share VERY soon!

This post brought you you by Mr Coffee!!
      Hello all and welcome to another, long awaited batch of my random rambling!  With our cross country move turning into an extended, very costly adventure, and the very spotty wi-fi were we live at the moment-- I have not focused on blog posts for awhile.  I am happy and thankful to announce that this page now has 16,000+ views!   Thank you all for that, and please share my links if you actually enjoy what you see here.  Many times I just see this page as a glorified journal for myself.  My 2nd blog page is full of exploring and personal pictures of Washington.   And my 3rd blog page will drop this summer----full of exploring Arizona and all this area has to offer.   I really hope you enjoy these pages even half as much as I enjoy making them. 

Us all in Tombstone, AZ last week.
After the gun fight
Whole blog post on this coming soon.

   With the long trip and such, I have more people to add to my dislike or "DURP" list, so watch for updates.  If you do not know what a DURP is---type DURP into this pages search section.  If you do not find the post of explanation amusing, Surprise!, you are probably a DURP.   **I can tell you here that DURP stands for----- Dim-witted Urban Redneck Parole.   One of the best examples you will soon get to read about--is a couple from Bellingham---I have posted about the wife before, but her and her "Great" husband, are quickly topping the list as my all time Queen and Queen Durp!   **Golf clap!  

    Also new to the list -is the sight manager at the RV park we are staying at this month.   We are all on edge, five people and a big dog in a 21 foot travel trailer, in the sun, not everything in the trailer actually works.   But it is purdy nice for only paying  $200.00 for the trailer.   Anyways- long story short, the manager is a huge DURP.   So much so that all of our tongues are bleeding, from biting them so hard- to not say anything back that will get us kicked out before we get approved for the nice rental house down the street.   I however did not say I would not push the limits----  like by typing these blogs in the rec room/his office  were he spends most of the day hiding from his wife, and taking over the large screen TV.   ;)

        We hope to be in the nice rental by next week, at that point I can stop holding back and earn my "Prick" badge yet another time.   My wife is overly happy, because against all of my bad thoughts of joining the dark side again, I just got a job at Wally World again.  They obviously have not seen my blog posts about the great DURP company or my non fan page on Facebook.   It is mainly an easy way to start collecting a paycheck again, until I can jump into a much better paying job, and better environment.   Anyways, my wife is very happy, almost Cheeseball, because when I quit the DURP company way back in 2007, after eight long years of being a blue wearing associate, I told her she could shoot me in the foot --if I ever worked for the retail giant again.   So get ready to call me Hop Along! 

This is a very old picture -but I love it!
We would not all be able to fit on the bed as comfy now.

      Father's Day was last week----and we had a very relaxed day here.  Trying not to get to much sun, and chasing down lizards and such through the desert.   I realize that moms do it all, but at least at our house there is a huge difference between Mother's and Father's day.   Huge. 
Anyways, I have never claimed to be a good father, but I try.   Being the step dad---I try even harder than many.   


       That's not right!   What is more not right---is that you chuckled after reading this, even if it was just a lil bit under your breath!  ;)

    And now some jokes for y'all!

I have more pictures on the same thought line--but these are the only two I can find at the moment.....

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