Thursday, June 27, 2013

Have Coffee Will Travel.

        Greetings!   I am once again writing this blog post from the comforts of a motel room.   In chapter 12 of fighting with a moving company that rhymes with "Ewe Hall."   I have decided that even with free speech, maybe I should not make it as obvious of the company I am hating most at the moment.   Especially since they still have our belongings stored, until we finally get into our new home.  I find this as cleverly disguised as naming the story I am very slowly writing, about destroying the retail giant I used to work for, "Fall Apart."   Anyways, boy you are easily distracted, dear!   In the seemingly never ending problems with the above company, I have to move a good deal of our storage unit, into a new storage unit---and since it is supposed to be 114 outside tomorrow, I choose to do this moving very early in the morning.  Well, early in the morning.   So our oldest sun and I are staying the night near the storage unit to get an early jump on all of the fun!   Minus the fun.   Happily our new plan does not involve us renting a truck from the company, happily because they would get even more money from us, and because there is a huge chance the truck would not make it the 50 miles to our new house!   But we will have some of our stuff in storage yet another month.  So I have to play nice, in person to the workers, just a little bit longer.   On here--not so much! 

      Last night we all watched the movie "Warm Bodies."   My wife and I both kind of thought the movie was some off color type of porn -just from the title at first.  Is there a type of porn that is not off color?  You are now asking yourself.   I am asking myself how many more times I can type the word "porn" in this blog post.  ;)  But than I say the movie for sale on the impulse isle of Safeway, and was pretty sure they were not "that kind" of store.   Did I mention each time I say these "words" in "my head" -I use actual "air quotes?"  Anyways, YOU are again distracted, my -my, stop thinking about that "porn tape" you made, and posted America's Funniest videos on the front of.   It's to late, your wife has already found the tape, and removed your "Disney" title on the cover and than wrote the America's Funniest videos on the front of it.   The movie is nothing like a porn movie.  In fact it is rated PG 13, yo!  It is actually a very good movie.   OK a good movie.   I am not sure I can call very many new movies, "very good."   The flick is about a zombie who falls in love with a real, live gal.   The zombie eats the gals boyfriend, and after eating his brains, gains his memories.  The zombie and his dead friends through love and friendship, cure themselves and become full humans again.  

     I used to work with a bunch of punks that spent hours explaining how they would survive when Zombies took over.   And for the most part --they would actually make it about ten minutes.   Americans in general are amazingly weak, and these folks were all rather large, maybe from watching to many Zombie survival movies.  I take that back, they might have all been beyond safe, because Zombie's want brains!

      For those of you that did not yet get the memo---- I posted this morning about exploring Billings Montana.   And I hope to knock out another exploring post tonight about our family's trip to Tombstone Arizona.      And now for some laughs!:

I have takin' a few anger management classes--and I have to say they just made me more angry.
I do really enjoy the movie -Anger Management though!
Me this morning:......
                                                            I need the above pin in real life!

                                                Wait!   That ones not funny!


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