Monday, June 24, 2013

Random Rambling Or Venting? P.S. Don't Use U-Haul!

    We blinked a few times, and it is now almost 10 30 at night, so I am going to keep this a short post.  The daze have been going amazingly fast the past few weeks.  Even more surprising because I am not working at the time, or doing much of anything many days.  I do find myself tired every afternoon.  I do not know if I should blame the intense heat each day, our un-comfy beds, or my general lack of sleep for this tried-ness.  I do find it very hard to stay in bed, when it is light outside.  Bright mornings was not an issue much while we lived in Washington, or even bright afternoons for that matter.   I find it necessary to say Washington state, every time I tell someone were we moved here from.  I guess I find it much better to be associated with the state than our nations capitol?
    This post comes from the comfort of a local Motel 6.   We splurged tonight, after to many nights crammed in our travel trailer.  Motel 6 is a cheap way to enjoy comforts we have not had over the last few weeks.   Like cable, a bath tub, or even running water, and wi fi that works without walking across the RV park.  Amazingly the pool in this motel is actually open.  I have noticed in our travel--that the motel chain seems to remodel all of the rooms, and than close there pools.   The kiddos and I took a nice swim a few hours ago, and I hope to return before check out tomorrow, after lots of coffee of course.  We have just learned that it will be yet another day before we can move into our new house rental.   Still soon, but yet another day in the tight trailer.   Made even harder, after our night away from it all.   We have quickly learned that the trailer will make a great exploring/adventure hub--but is a stretch for sanity and comfort when on a trip over a few days long.  
      It seems we are waiting on everything at the moment.  Hurry up and wait!   I know that patience is a virtue, but dam it's hard to wait for such things.   Like a job, a real home, and chicken wings.  I have been talking about DURPS this week, and have been adding more to the list each day.  Of course I will be talking about all of this in depth soon.   Today I have to add U-Haul to the ever growing list.  If you do not know what a DURP is, please spend some time to roam through my older posts.  One just a few days back talks about several extra annoying DURPS.  One couple from Washington state, I will not mention names---but they are quickly becoming the Queen and Queen DURPS   to bad one of these is the husband in the relationship.  I know that they would love to read about themselves in my blogs so much, because in there heads, they are the most important beings in the World.   Luckily even if someone reads these words to them, I say that last line, because the couple does not know how to read I am sure, this is why I love my blogs so much.  I can type what I want, when I want.  So until freedom of speech is also revoked, Faaaaa on y'all!!   
       In short, do not use U-Haul.     No matter what your moving or relocating needs, find another company.  We have had ---are still having so many issues with the company, that when we get into our new home, and pull our stuff out of the U Haul storage units, we are not going to use one of there crappy trucks to get our stuff.   The company has stunk all through our process, and calling customer service, usually seems to make things worse.   The manager I spoke to today, started to speak slower to me, like speaking slower would make me less of a moron and I would understand his wrong statements betterer.  Ill say it again, and will in much more detail, I am sure, do not use U-Haul.   I would rather pack all of my sh*t on my back and make 88 trips, than use the company again.   
              In the morning I will return with an exploring blog post.   This one about my trip last month to Billings, Montana.  Filled with exploring, my deep thoughts, and as always, my personal pictures.    
                      For now  Good Night 

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