Sunday, June 23, 2013

At Least Our Coffee Never Gets Cold In Arizona!

                                              So many trails   so little time.
                                                   Bellingham, Washington

       My family and I have lived in Arizona before--in fact if you factor us all together, there is very few places in the US we have not lived or visited.  But it has been a long while since we lived in the state "Of the sweating sun" before.  After living in Washington for the last few years, we are slowly getting used to a lot of things here.   The biggest difference, is seeing sunshine so much!   With the sunshine comes heat- and sunburns.   Another huge difference is the landscape, exploring conditions, and wildlife.  I am typing this blog post outside, and am surrounded by curious lizards and many many bugs, that seem to just want to attack me.  To make things more interesting, this month we are all staying in a 21 foot travel trailer.  We got a great deal on the trailer, but various functions of the trailer take turns not working.   Small functions, like the water, or the A/C.   So one or all of us waking up on the wrong side of the bed, is a common occurrence.  We are over-joyed to report that we are moving into a nice and nice sized house next weeksend!!  One of the big selling points was that the house has two bathrooms, because we now have two Middle School aged children, and often tend to find ourselves locked out of the one current bathroom for important things like hair combing and staring at ones self in the mirror.   Amazingly little toilet usage is done in our bathroom.   

     As I keep saying, I have a ton of ideas and changes coming for all of my blogs.  And at least when I am full of caffeine--I am very excited about all of these.   The best--and most work comes with a brand new, third blog sight---all about exploring Arizona.  I do not have an opening date yet, but it will be this summer for sure!   From our journeys and such, I also have a ton of exploring pictures and posts in the works.  I find it very helpful to make a list of whats coming.   So that I can be sure and not accomplish any of it.  So below I will post many of the up-coming pages you can enjoy and or laugh at.  With the move, the heat, running from angry bugs, finding a house, finding a job, spotty wi-fi connections,  etc ---New posts have been extra rare on here.   I hope to remedy that soon!!     As always----Please leave me comments, visit all of my sights, and pass on the links ---if you enjoy what you see here!!   ** I know that last one is a big IF.**


      My very next post----possibly coming this afternoon,  "Hahahahahhahahahah!" ;)   Will be all about my mini voyage to Billings, Montana to visit with my great parents.   


Our rig and home at the moment at the start out point -
Bellingham, WA.
I find it amazing-that all three rigs involved in this move--all three of us broke down on the road.   
"If we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck at all."---April Adams

But we made it---safe and sound!

       Right after I returned  from the big city of Billings, we headed out on our cross country move.   This was supposed to be a four day trip---and turned into an almost two week -VERY expensive voyage.   So I have lots of thoughts and pictures to share!    Including some great exploring along the way!!     This will probably turn into a multi- part post. 

                                                         Viva Las Vegas!

Mine town exploring.

        Last weeksend we took the short drive to the famous city of Tombstone---"The town to tough to die!"    And enjoyed a full day of history and gun fights.   

                                               Our next Christmas cards?
                                              Would you mess with this family? 

         Last night was a "Super Moon."   Basically we were so close to the moon, that it appeared  much fuller than a regular full moon.   The kiddos and I drove out to the nearby caverns and took a park ranger guided trail hike, as we watched the huge moon slowly rise.   

     Than I wish to make a post/glossary of all of my exploring posts from each of my pages.   Kind of a quick reference guide.   This will also mark the finish of my Bellingham, WA posts.   Were I wish to get the word out on that page so it can be used as a travel/tourist guide for the beautiful area.  It will also be a launching off pad for my newest blog series.   I really wish all of my trips and exploring were offered here---but this page and my memory only go back about two years at this time.   ;)

       Again thank you for being a reader!      And as always -----HAPPY TRAILS!

                     And now here are some jokes borrowed for your enjoyment!!


                        My parents and wife often have this exact same expression.

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