Thursday, May 30, 2013

On The Road--Sort Of

                                                                  Near Teddy Bear Cove
                                                                 Bellingham, Washington

      I am still sitting here doing something I am not very good at, waiting and sitting.  Sitting and waiting.  My wife and I took off to meet up with our kiddos and their Nanna, and way to soon we ended up with truck troubles.  I did manage to get some great pictures of the downed bridge, over the Skagit river.  But I can not show you those yet because that camera is in our truck that is still in the shop.  I have been broke down a lot, and have an entire album of pictures of my stranded on the side of the road with the vehicle hood up.  Waiting for someone to come along, and tell me why the car was not running anymore.   I am not mechanical in any way, shape, or form.  As far as break downs go, this one treated us very good.   Except for now while we wait for the shop to get more parts in the mail and for them to empty out our bank account.   We even managed to stay at a new friends  house the two full days while the truck was being worked on.  The amazing odds of having all three of the rigs involved in our move break down, is beyond my calculation powers for sure.  But the only thing I can reason from these odds, is that we have way to much stuff!   The joys of having three kids, being boarder line hoarders, and of living in the same house for three years.   So any luck at all, we will leave this state tomorrow afternoon. 

     Needless to say, we are not going to move again.   Arizona is our new home for good.   Beyond missing our kids, who are also stranded with car trouble, I do not sit well at all. 
This is my face when I think about being with our kids again!

 And I have been bombarded online by what I can only call a new fan!  I wish I could say that the disgruntled comments came from someone that read my blogs.   Because I would love any type of comments on these blogs, any of the posts.   But this person completely feels that I do nothing for my family.   I would say that her opions are her thoughts and not give it a 2nd thought, but this person is never around me, so her thoughts are all started by talking to my mother in law.   Someone I have helped a ton in the last few months.   To help her that much and still get talked down that much, at first made me feel like sh*t  but than made me realize that I did not need to help this woman in any way for a good long time.   Neither of these individuals deserve any more space in this blog post, or in my life plans, so to lighten the mood, on with some jokes, yo!

      My personal diet plan, is brought to you by the letter C   It is the seafood diet, if I see food  I eat it.  I love food.  I have to pause to say how disgruntled I am to have seen that the Cookie Monster does not eat cookies anymore.   WTF?  Apparently it is not the right image for kids to see him eat so many cookies and is not a healthy image.  Although I do have a very large belly growing --I am not huge even after alllll of the Sesame Street I watched through the years.

                                                      One stop shopping for sure!

                                                            I love this one!!

     In case you did not pace yourself, and missed it, it was just Memorial day weekend. 
I was visiting friends and my folks  something I will post about soon.    But here is the true insight on the extended weeksend....

This is also a shot I took while roaming around Bellingham.
I will forever love the endless views and sights of the area.
This was the fifth time I have lived in the great town.
And it will always remain in my heart, but
on the same note it is an amazingly expensive town.
And it was beyond time for our family to move on.
Arizona or bust!

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