Tuesday, May 21, 2013



                                                By the bay     Bellingham, WA

        Everything changes.  For better or worse.  From the weather to relationships.   I have been through a ton of changes in the last two years.   Most of them for the better.  With us moving cross country at the end of the month, the changes are many and rapidly coming at us. Yesterday was my last day at a job I loved, a job I really enjoyed---- a job a liked much more than not. ;)   Actually all things considered it was a very good job.   And I have had much worse jobs and bosses *Wal-Mart  comes to the top of my mind with a huge list of negatives.   I realized how good a job I had last night, while a friend was over.   He just hit eight years of working at the same job, and was realizing it might be time to change things up.   The more perks I talked about in the year I worked at the casino, the sadder he seemed to get.   I can say that I would seriously have considered keeping this job, if the commute from Arizona would not be a b*tch, or if we owned our own leer jet.   I can also say that after eight years at Wally World, I was beyond ready for change before burn out completly took over.  The job lead me to great things including it being how I meet my wife.  I also can say that I lived a lot in the last eight years.   From numorous moves, exploring, getting married, getting my drivers licence back, landing an awsome job, etc.   I am not sure our buddy could say the same about his last eight years.   I also was not brave enough to ask him about all of that. 
       Today I am spending most of the day flying, off to visit my parents.  Because it has been to long since I have seen them last.  Also because the flight voucher we purchased earlier in the year is about to expire.   Actually I am spending a huge part of today in airports.   With cheap flights, comes long layovers.  Luckily the Seattle airport has lots to explore.   And free wi-fi.   I am giving my feet a break at the moment and writing this very blog post.  Lucky you!   Of course I have a camera with me, so at least one new exploring blog will soon follow.  
        My blogs have seen a ton of change.   From were I reside, to my marital status.   All the while my state of mind clearly changes with my attitude.   I would like to hope my writing style changes for the better as the years pass.   But that is still greatly open for debate.   This my first blog series just hit 15,000 views, with 300+ posts!   My exploring Bellingham, WA blog has over 2,000 views  now with 70+ posts.  And I have plans to use what I have learned and start a brand new blog series after our move.   
       I could fill another huge section about changes---but my butt is falling asleep so I choose to change the theme and post some jokes and such now.    Enjoy!

Not really a joke, but the truth.  

                                             Mmmmmmm coffee!!     
                                            If nothing else I seem to always post about coffee some how :)



       I have vented about this many times in the past, but above is the cliff notes in a short neat package.

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