Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bayview Cemetery & Beyond

Today finds me outside our house, typing this blog post, but mainly enjoying the sun! On this great May 1st. We are moving to Arizona very at the end of the month, and we will have new places to explore. This will lead to an all new exploring blog page. A morph of all three pages. But before than I have some great exploring and pictures to share from Bellingham, Washington. A place that will always have room in my heart, but will not, can not be our home town any more. The hikes, out door life, and exploring is amazing ramble about some free time I spent in the Bayview cemetery last week.

I have always found cemetery's very calming and peaceful. It is interesting to try and find the oldest grave stones. And the up-keep is usually near perfect. The older more out of the way cemetery, the more interesting. Each grave sight a different story and tribute to an amazing person. One has to keep a very open mind though, or thoughts of ones own mortality, and the ones of loved ones and the shortness of it all soon can take over your whole mind. First a couple of other interesting cemetery's. I have written about these both in past blogs. On my to do list---for this very page, is a photo index of all of my exploring blog posts from both pages.

The first is Mount Hope Cemetery in Big Horn, Wyoming. My grandparents now reside here. And last year I got full closure over my grandmothers death, after visiting her final resting place. I could not return home after she died, years ago. And this has always bugged me. This is a very old cemetery. But also a joy to wander around. In the middle of no were -with the majestic Rockie Mountains as the back ground.

Although you have to always keep an eye out for snakes in the summer time.

Next---just down the road is the Sheridan Cemetery. In Sheridan, Wyoming. I lived just below this large cemetery for a short time. And often found myself wandering around the grave sights. Again the surroundings are amazing. And if you are patient and quiet enough you soon notice you are surrounded by visitors. Actually you are the true visitor.

Although the above pictures a part of the cemetery that is full of local lore with a more evil side. I do not know what this section is truly for--but with all of the talk I have heard of terrible things, even taking the above picture near night fall, was un-nerving for me.

Bayview-- in the heart of Bellingham is a sprawling cemetery. Just off of Lake Way Street just before the wondrous Great Falls Park. A place I have posted about several times before. Even the entrance is a work of art. The landscaping is amazing.

Trail to explore --just in front of the cemetery entrance. The area is also surrounded by woods with a river that trickles through the land.

Benches surround this area although I did not find the urge to take a seat.

Memorial near the center of the cemetery-surrounded with flags at half mast
to honor those that fought to defend our country!...

Truly great and enjoyable landscaping through out.

After exploring, I am not sure how much of the land you can actually view the bay from.
Although it is mostly up on a hill.
It is a very beautiful and peaceful spot though.
This bay view picture was takin' much further down the road. Off of State Street.

Another silent reminder
By one of the many benches around Lake Padden.
Next exploring blog is all about Western Campus once again. This time we roam to the look out tower.

                                                                         As always
                                     **HAPPY TRAILS!!**

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