Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mini-Vacation Rambling

                    Between the boardwalks, going into Fairhaven, Washington

   "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."-----Vincent Von Gogh

     Many of my older posts have deep quotes in them.   I have been trying to continue this tradition, but have not seen many good ones.   The above comes from the wall in the coffee shop I am attempting to wake up in.  I am not sure if all of the small quotes put together would lead to anything great, but many of them make me laugh and a few inspire me, so I guess that is at least a good thing. 

One of the best coffee signs I have found while exploring.
Hoquim, Washington

    I have been posting much more the last few days, because I am on a mini vacation.  The hours at Seattle airport gave me time to post.  The same goes for my free/wake up time in coffee shops the last few mornings.  This trip is about visiting old friends and visiting my parents.   *One must note that I have know the friends for a long time, since fifth grade, and that they are old.  I can say this-because "Vegas Dude" is younger than me, but his birthday falls before me-so he must be older, and because his wife is having a birthday today.   For many reasons I have few friends of any type, at least that others can also see, so knowing them for so long is a special gift.  But not so special that one should wear a helmet when visiting them.   Another huge part of this trip is exploring and me time.   Taking pictures, being in nature, and writing these blogs is beyond calming for me.   I got some good exploring in yesterday, and many pictures.  Now I must guzzle coffee, walk six blocks, and than play tour guide to my parents for the rest of the day.  OK that almost makes it look like a chore---I am really excited about seeing them. 
   Reviving is important because right after I return home, my wife and I have a weekend together, and than we start our drive to our new home in Arizona, "Land of the sweating sun!"   OK that is still not the state motto, but it should be, or at least the motto for Phoenix.  Just typing that word makes me angry, I do not like anything about that town, the town that starts with and smells like P.  Of course we will be taking pictures the entire move, and once we are settled, the blog posts will return.  

What motivates you?

    As much as I would like it not to, this trip is also greatly about missing my family.  So the cell phone is getting a lot of use.   And I find my motel room much to quiet as I lay alone tossing and turning, to used to the one I love the most being beside me.   Yes we all need space, but the lonely that kicks in the darkness of the middle of the night --hurts a little to much.   My wife's undying love for me, and how much I have with our kids, a challenged but great dog, etc etc keeps me going.   But what motivates me the most, is that I will return to her arms early in the AM tomorrow.   I am not sure I really like my me time, because it turns me into an almost deep thinker.  

Annoyed yet?
It is never to early to start shopping for that perfect gift for me!
I will never claim to be the brightest crayon in the box, but every time I leave my house
I wonder about people for sure.
Maybe if I would just stop going to Wally World!?
Electronics and such have advanced so rapidly---do you know the number of objects our kids kids will never have even heard of.   Even our kids for that matter.

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