Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    Hello all! And welcome to 2013---I still can not believe it is another year, and am having trouble putting 13 on all of my checks. Luckily a 2 is very easily turned into an 3 for sure. I have been reading many of my past blog posts, and laughing a lot. My older posts were funnier, and I hope to return to that. This page has takin' a back seat to my newest blog series lately. All about exploring Bellingham Washington.  My best pictures and thoughts on the area, make the posts.  Please check it out   http://exploreb-ham.blogspot.com/

The pictures really are great.  
And I took them all. 
I am slowly working on a link to house all of my best exploring pictures. 
Yes please!

   It is a wonderful sight, but so is this one.  So I want to start posting again.  With my random rambling.  And coffee love for sure!   One of the features I really enjoy from this blog sight is the many "deep" quotes I add to the blogs.  So here are a few new ones ----

  **"I feel down the stairs yesterday with a guitar, and wrote a new song for "One Direction'!"**---If you do not know who this group is, consider yourself lucky!

               **"The key to eating healthy---avoid any food that has a TV commercial."**

  **"Our neighbor asked if she could borrow our vacuum cleaner---I said yes, if you don't take it out of our house!"**

                             **"MY life plans were so much more exciting when I was five!"**

                                          **"Help keep grandma off the street---support bingo!"**

                                            **"I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!!"**---The Princesses Bride----
 I love this movie!   And I got to watch my kids enjoy this movie the other day.  It was beyond awesome.  

                **"My best relationship advice... Make sure you are the crazy one."**------Check on accomplishing that.  At least most daze. 

  I have many ideas and concepts to bring back to this page.  And hope to gain new readers and that many of the old ones come back.  This sight has a ton of views since it's launch.  So thank you!!   In the near future this includes a whole post about gun control, one about us surviving 2012.  *Psssst, we were all supposed to die!*  I would have posted that blog much soonerer, but I was waiting to see if we were going to die, before wasting all of that time and energy ;)  My "mini rants" is going to come back each week.  Please check out some of the old ones, if you have not enjoyed them in the past.  And of course lots and lots of jokes and pictures I have borrowed off this new place called the Internet.  

   Today I start with a flash back to December & Christmas time.   We had an amazing Christmas. Santa scored extra big at our house, by bringing all of the kiddos hand held tablets.  And I have to say it was the quietest Christmas with three kids....  Ever!  We heard them roaming out to the living room around 3 AM.  They know they can only open what is in there stockings in the morning.  And than they started playing on the systems, and we heard nothing until we slowly roamed out of bed.   Slowly because my wife and I have a great tradition on Christmas Eve --that involves drinking a lot and trying to put the kids toys together. ;)  
     It was a great Christmas even with three Furby's in the house --talking to each other in English and non English.   Yes Furby's are back.   Wahoo!    The new ones are kind of kool.  And you can sync them with your I-Pod and feed them and such with the device.  
    Anyways, you are straying from the point of this story.   Stop thinkin' about booze or the above peepin' Santa and focus.  Just before the big day, two of our children got selected to attend "Shop with a cop."  They have never been picked before, so the state must have felt we were overly poor this year.   Basically each school can choose students they feel might not get the best Christmas, and they meet up at Wally World to shop with a cop.   Tons of cops and workers donate there time, and it really is a great thing.  Especially great, considering Wal Mart participates and does something good!  Way early in the morning, a Saturday morning at that, we all gathered at the retail giant to sign in.  Than everyone went outside to watch the police show up.  And what a show!  
    30-40 cop cars blow past the happy kids, lights going, sirens blaring.  Than the star of the parade shows up on top of a big fire truck.   "Santa!" Everyone cheers!   Than it is picture time with the huge group.    This was my time to exist, because our oldest son was not picked to do the shopping.   Him and I ventured clear across the street for some coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts.  The essentials for sure.  The coffee shop workers were all talking about the parade of police cars that just shot into the Wal Mart parking lot.   They did not know about the event, and were sure a hostage type event was going on at the store.  We smiled as we sipped our warm beverages, not pausing to explain what was really going on.
      We soon decided it was time to go back to Wally World.  With all those cops around, most of the shoppers should actually act normal-ish, right?   As I was getting out of the car, I decided to lock my keys inside the car.  I noticed as I was slamming the car door shut, but it was to late.  Even longer story short---shop with a cop day is the best day ever to lock ones keys in your car!   Because there are cops every were!  It was soon decided that since we have electric locks on our vehicle, trying to "jimmy" the door open would cause more damage than benefits.  Plus no law abiding citizen can actually get into a locked car.  Any con or ex con, now tow truck driver, can get into your car before you can say "Dam you Wally World store!"
      Here is the great part.  And I thank the local police department from the bottom of my heart.  No really!  Two of the officers drove me clear across town to our apartment, to get my wife's set of keys.  Again I thank these officers and the police department for such a great act and day.  This would have been about an two hour journey on the city bus.  Plus it was great fun to jump out of the   police vehicle with two officers in the front seat, when we pulled up into our apartment complex.  Every one here is overly nosy.  So now they still have something to talk about.  

   And now a couple of pictures & jokes to wake you up after the above long winded story!

I was not even aware Wally World sold midgets.
And wow are they cheap, must be a roll back!

Now that is taking full use of a to do calender.

I just have to ask if this is good PR or bad for the .com sight??

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