Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

     A big hello and welcome to all of my readers.  From those that follow my blogs, to those that needed a rest from looking at dirty pictures on the Internet.  I value all of the views to this page!  Today, as the title implies, just happens to be Tuesday.  Just like the day, nothing overly speciel here--just lots of random rambling!  And thankful-ness that it is not Monday.  First I start with some deep quotes:

             **"I am just one step away from being rich, Now all I need is money."**

       **"I am taking the kids to the zoo today, in hopes they can find there birth parents."**

  People keep holding up signs on Facebook like the one above--except they ask for 1 million likes, and there parents will give them something really grand.  Instead of the lecture and maybe butt swats they should get for begging for stuff on the Internet.  What do you think of the above picture as a much better alternative, and life lesson?  Parenting is beyond hard, and I think every great to good parent should have a cape!

                                              **"Rhinos are just fat unicorns!"**

                                           **I am in shape---round is a shape!"**

                     **I won't be impressed with technology, until I can download food.**

**"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."**

**"Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is Understanding the other person is a complete idiot."**----We have been having some major troubles with our neighbor through the last few weeks.  It all started as a mission to help her son, a child that is doomed if he stays in his home.  Because among other things his mother is not even an adult yet, so not even close to being a mother.  Not because she is young, she is in her 40's, she has just killed a lot of brain cells--is a nice way of putting it.  Things are even more sensitive for us, because she lives four doors down from us, and is a very vengeful person.  

Do you recall when the M in MTV still stood for music and not Moron??

      We are again having issues with our Tweaker neighbor, and the other day she told me "you reap what you sew." So I asked her what she reaped from cheating the state, slashing people's car tires, and stealing. NO answer yet. ;)

    Our family really enjoys using the sight--Craig's List.   We sell items on it all of the time.  And find free items for our house constantly.   We even bought our car off of the sight.   Some times it also offers a good laugh or two--from random posts.  This one was on the local page....

  1. Free bike. I don't know much about it. It's red. Yes, I do know my colors. So you're getting a free bike from someone that knows colors. How cool is that? It's ten-speedish? It has gears? I think it works but needs a little lovin'. If you want it, just come pick it up. It says it's a Miyata. It didn't tell me that, in words. I mean, it didn't speak to me. I read it on the side of the bike. If you want it, first come first serve.

      It is a great sight--you just have to really look at the ads.  Some times when you look under the car hood--there is no actual engine, just a picture of one in crayon.  The above one looks legit though--for sure!

    With tax time coming up once again--
    Here is some advice on how not to file!

    At least in our neck of the woods, the above is the forecast for a long while. 
    Lots of time to roam through past blog posts. I have 350 + on this great sight now.
    And the older ones were certainly betterer.

    This tweet also seems legit.....

    Below is a picture I had stored---not mine
    But fits with the above tweet perfectly!!

       Two weekends ago we went to the local new dollar store that had just opened up that day.  There was only one in town, and it was always beyond busy.  My only problem with dollar stores is the ones were the items are all over one $!   If you have to do a price check in a dollar store, there is something wrong!   Anyways this was the first day this store was open, and very few shoppers were in the store.  So the isles were as close to perfect as they will ever be.  Everything fully stocked, and in perfect lines.  Looking great and the dream of all of my department managers while working at Wally World.  And I had this huge urge to extend both of my arms and run down the isles, knocking things on the ground.  And probably giggling loudly.  I did resist this urge, but dang it would have been fun.  

    Next post I have some complaints about Subway, who is in hot water right now. 
    And one about "gun control"      Tons of ideas and rambling in the works.   Please pass on the links if you enjoy what you see. 

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