Sunday, October 2, 2016

10-2-2016 Day Two Of Halloween!

To soon?

     Hello all this fine October day!   Yes I said October.  It is as crazy to type out as it is to say it seems.  And today is already the 2nd   which simply means that in two blinks of an eye it will be 2017 some how.  2016 went by amazingly quick but it also was not a good year  for the most part, so here is hoping for a great year next year, already.  Things are already starting to shape up for this to become a reality.  I have wheels again, so many things already became much easier to accomplish.  Like getting to work.  AND home after work!   Once I get things calmer I will also be taking lots of short road trips to Explore and take many pictures of course.  Check out the newest selections of this at my third and newest Exploring Arizona sight
    **"I had the right to remain silent, but I didn't have the ability."** --Ron White
                                                                                                                                                                            **"Any vehicle is an off road vehicle  when you don't give a F*ck!--Just sayin'                                                                                                        
      **"What's brown and sounds like a bell? ......... DUNG! "** What is brown and sticky------ A Stick
      **"Marriage is grand, divorce is 100 grand!"**
      More deep quotes and thoughts in every one of my blog posts
        Sometimes I like to call the physic hot line and ask them what I'm wearing. Can resting your cell phone on your junk. Give you cancer down there??   
                                                                                                                                                                                             **"Smile it will only get worse!"**---some before work motivation for y'all!   At the moment I am off work the next two daze.  Meaning they have not attempted to call me in yet.  :)   On paper I am a part time worker, mainly because they do not want to pay me all the benefits full timers see.  But I work full time hours for sure.  In fact I was told last week to go home, because I was nearing over time pay---I kept asking how that could be since I was a part timer.  lol.  For awhile I kept working six day weeks.  This would be awesome early in the week, when I agreed to it, and than by the end of the work week--I would be beyond done---wishing to call off sick from work from works parking lot.                                                                                                                                                                                               Speaking of work ---the other day on our huge information board above the time clock, tells us what server is in what section, who did something important, what food we are out of, daily specials, etc---for those of us that never get the memos at work.   I have done decided that my managers shred my memo just before I receive it, and I don't have time to piece it back together, ain't no one have time for that----and just go at it full force, mostly in the dark.   **"Fake it till you Make it!"**---April Adams     I often tell customers That I do not even work at the restaurant, that I have found a work shirt, and I keep getting pay checks.  So it is win win!   When I have enough $ to buy a pitcher of beer--it is time for a break!   Most customers politely laugh --SOME look at me and my service to that point, and reply   "Yeah we can tell you don't actually work here"   instant sad face.         Anyways the other night someone had listed our ever changing soup of the day   as: Brown!
                                                                                                                                                                                        One more quick thought from work----I realize I work in a casino and people wish to eat quickly and git back to gambling, but as much as they do not wish to they are still interacting with the public when they stop in to eat.   The other day  at almost EVERY table   I would go up to the table and offer my greeting, ending with something like  "how are you this fine day!?   I keep this part short, because many of the customers are in a hurry.  Almost every table replied with a warm  "We want iced tea!"   I was not aware this was a feeling     Usually this does not bug me   because I do not necessarily like people either, but on this day it happened with 90% of the customers and kind of put me in a sour mood.  Maybe most of these people were greatly loosing cash in the machines or had some hidden battle they were fighting  but to not  even have time to return a hello, at almost every table was greatly annoying on this day.  Most of these customers still leave tips, so it really should not bug me.   I know.                                                                                                                               
        I hate my loud ass neighbors. I do believe if they are outside my door at six AM yelling into there house at there kiddos again this morning im going to greet there yelling with an air horn tomorrow !! So many reasons im glad my lease is about up----It is almost like they do not realize they live in apartments
        We snuck away to the local home and garden show before I went to work yesterday.   Above is a very bad picture, but we won  two nice sized trees.  They are in the back seat of my pick up in this shot.  But they are each about 4 feet tall.  The local electric company was handing them out---and you had to sign an "adoption" paper basically stating that you would try not to kill it  and that you would not plant them near any power lines.   We have two acres in the middle of no where St David with nothing around so it did not seem like  an issue.  :)    Ill think about posting pictures of them planted   once I get off my butt and plant them.  
        Friday as I was actually leaving work before dark I had to snap a few shots.  
        On this day the rainbow led to the casino!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I have several topics I have been dying to vent on and such in soon upcoming blog posts.  Today's post was mainly to get back in the groove of typing while I guzzle my coffee on this rare day off.  It has been awhile since I have posted again, even for me.  

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