Monday, October 3, 2016

10/3/2016---Day Three Of Halloween!

             Hello all this October morning!   It is still hard for me to type or wrap my brain around the fact that it is October.  For several reasons.  One--we live in the desert, and although it is finally cooler outside -especially at nights, it really never gets winter like here.  And by winter like, I mean Wyoming--were I grew up.  Almost every Halloween brought on a huge winter storm and you were not a real --stay out all night trick or treater unless your costume included a heavy winter coat in some way!  The only real way I can tell that Halloween is close -is to see all the Christmas decorations already up at Wally World.   We were wondering around the isles of this store last night, and four full Christmas isles are already up----usually this time of year only the village buildings are up----I love the holidaze---BUT  to soon, Mr Walton!  
           It is getting kool enough outside that I just completed an Exploring hike in the middle of no where AKA butt F Egypt or St David Arizona.  And did not get overly heated while on my Exploring walk about.  Pictures to come  very soon of course, on my Exploring Arizona blog page.   At the moment I am typing all this random rambling from the newly remolded Mc Donald's in Benson ---Another small almost village of a town.   Yeah it looks nice---but it seems that prices went up.  My coffee to fuel my writing here, is about 40 cents more than it used to be.  I guess they have to fund the remodel some how---Alllll those "burger" sales were not doing it.  I have to say I was impressed with our family visit to the local Denny's though---last night.  It was just a dessert run---but the service was very good.  Especially for the Benson location.   We have had MANY a run in with this newly remodeled store---We love Danny's and eat at them a lot in our travels.  But the one here usually leaves us wanting to punch the manager and a puke bucket.   On one trip I found a live bug in my french toast, and the server really didn't seem surprised at all, in fact he asked me if I knew what kind of bug it was.  I failed to bring my bug field guide to dinner with me that day, and was not sure.   No free meal offer, no rebate   no real anything from the manager on duty---- although when I brought all this up on local web sights, instead of fixing things---the manager invited me not to come back inside the restaurant.   ;)   I was unsure if this offer still stood   but no one asked to leave last night.   Cliff notes---this was the Denny's we know and love  and a great experience.   Defiantly not typical in any Benson restaurant or business.   Were most residents are more worried about finding more drugs and filling there Buddha Belly to the brim.  I have my own slogan for Benson--- Home of meth logic, you don't have to be a user to use it!  Because the people here like to argue, but they don't like to use logic when they talk.  And because people here like there Meth!   There loving it!   
        As far as super sized people in the desert---I have talked about this before.  Yes I am growing a large belly  because I like food!   But for how hot it is, I can not believe how many hugely fat people live here.  I am very skinny and still find myself sweating in the sun at all times.  Part of the "fun" in living in The Land Of The Sweating Sun!   Again my own logo for Arizona    I don't believe you will find it on the tourist flyers just yet.  Give it time.  I picture these large people sitting on the curb, panting --dripping in sweat so much so that they are making there own gravy!  While they discouragingly wait for an elderly person to get off the last available electric cart at Wally World.  WRONG!   disabled people and elderly never get a chance to use these carts, because to many big boned people are on the carts.  If after reading this paragraph you muttered  "MMmmmmmm human sweat gravy!" to yourself---I will wait by my mailbox for your hate mail.   
             Last thought for today--- Wooooooo!   A few daze back was National Coffee Day!   Just after drink a beer day or something equally as kool.  In our home every day is coffee day- but I was looking forward to roaming around collecting free coffee's.   Every year Starbucks gives away coffee ----and them giving away anything is rare --- I believe they even charge you to redeem there own gift cards.... I kid.   And if you live in a large city, you can bounce from location to location and soon be super coffee induced and only spending gas $.  This year the always stopped.  Basically no one gave away free coffee   not even the all might Starbucks.   BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!    Not even Mc Donald's.   Booooooooooo  what the heck---- coffee is basically ALL Starbucks is about and they could not give out a free Dinky Small coffee!?   On coffee's birthday     Starbucks was donationg a coffee tree for every coffee bought on that day.  Great way to keep things going---for there own Dam business.   The key bad word in the above sentence is bought---- You had to buy your coffee on National Coffee Day       Maybe I am the only one overly irked by all this.    Whatever!    Just Sayin'

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