Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5th Still Hot


                           Welcome back!  As to hot to really even think straight here in the desert- so hot that one must think before every actual movement.  The pool in these apartments is actually open-but to many people are using it, for my comfort.  My buddy is just down the road in Vegas where it is almost equally as hot.  If not hotter.  He says all the crack ho's are sweating-I believe you have to pay extra for that... Whatever the case, it does not take much energy or sweat to put out blog posts.   

                                              **"Water makes me wet!"**

     My birthday just happens to be next month, but I think I should just skip it.  I am not ready to turn 38 for sure.  And before that day we will have both a fifteen and sixteen year old living with us.  Yes it's not yet 40  but sure is close.  When I hear fun things start  like prostate checks while at the doctor. 


YOU only wish you could look this kool!
This is at a carnival some where in the long line of carnivals and fairs we used to attend. 
What are they selling tickets for?
Tickets to the gun show---
to bad I am quickly nearing 40 years old and it is just a pop gun show...

I recently found this page on Facebook for servers. 
All most every post on the page hits the nail right on the head
This one was posted yesterday and it made me laugh.

Bathtub with a view   while Exploring Bisbee Arizona a few daze back.
Many more pictures and a full Exploring blog post in the works of course.

Greetings from The Arizona Trail!
I have been out getting more pictures for your enjoyment. 
I should finally actually be Mobile again next week, so my 
Exploring will increase.
If I can mostly avoid the heat that is. 

Several summers ago I got this great picture.
I believe my father took it. 
This is the first time my brothers and I were in the same spot in many years.
In my birth place --several years ago I might have been born, but they are all older.
Anyways with us is our amazing mom. 
Still not doing the mother's day special here today-
but kind of rubbing it in how great moms and parents are as I rub in that the special post is still not happening today.   Cheers! :)

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