Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back To Bisbee One Fine Memorial Day

      I have enjoyed Bisbee several times in the past.  Always finding great sights and Exploring when in the area.  Each visit is on this very page but my most picture filled from the past is  Please check it out!  Last week I happened to have a rental car and was visiting my family.  I was planning on sneaking to Bisbee on Memorial Day with our youngest --but he had a late night with friends, and did not make this trip with me.  As usual in Arizona I got lots of good pictures in and lots of good Exploring time also.  On this day I really had no time line or plan of where I was even going I just kind of jumped in my rental car and went.   As usual I saw full on sunshine, but it was not to hot and some great cloud formations on this fine day.  

This is a town started and still ran by mining   so many, many areas are off limits to much Exploring. 

Large turn off area in this area lets you fully view this amazing pit.
It is easily the largest mining pit I have ever seen in all of my travels. 

Let me back track a little bit here, because this days travels started in magnificent Saint David.

I always enjoy a day off work and a dirt road.

Especially with full on sun shine, when it's not to hot out 
and amazing clouds in the sky!

Just past Tombstone
an amazing town I have visited on this very sight many a time 

Long tunnel just before town.  
I might or might not of had to lay on the car horn all the way through.

On this day I started in Lowell or old town.

And had time to walk the entire strip 

After several Exploring bus trips I was a little disappointed not to spot this old bus on this trip.

Although the bus station can still be seen in many of these pictures.
apparently a Harley Davidson big rig takes the bus position for now

Just before this sign you can find a nice mostly health food grocery store. 
Don't expect to go in here buying pop or junk food for sure.

I really was not trying to include the old taxi in so many pictures.

Possibly my favorite picture from this whole trip.

Our family is a big Pepsi family  So I had to sneak in this picture. 

Mmmmm coffee!!

Yet another area to stay out of...

Although I might not have read the signs fully
I apologize for not reading them and for my selfie

Museum I still have not had time to visit very near where I parked on this fine day.

                                                                  In front of the museum

Beautiful down town bound.

Wild flowers really are rare in this part of Arizona

Beer -30 time perhaps at this all local brewery

Please be aware most of Bisbee is either up hill or up stairs or both.

Downtown happy majical shroom.

City hall

Can I shop here or not!?

Old building also for rent.  
Looks amazing to see from the inside. 

Place with cheap rent?

On the way back through town I spotted a cemetery.  But could not seem to find the road that took me there.  I enjoy a cemetery always and have pictures from many across the country so will be back. 

For whatever reason I also decided I should climb to the top of the B hill mostly because it was there!

On the way up I was glad this was not a super hot day
I also soon recalled that I was old.

Bathtub with a view on the way up.

Last shot    for today!

As always working on many more shots and much more Exploring!


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